My name is Jerry, and I live in the Northwestern section of North America. I am writing to you today because I have a message that concerns you, everyone you know, and ultimately everyone on Earth. Our technology has finally allowed for a bridge to be built between ALL PEOPLES; and, it is time we build it. To facilitate this "construction", I feel it is important that we identify our commonality with one another. This may seem to be a daunting task given the extreme diversity our species holds; but, I think with a small amount of probing, we will find that we have more in common than many of us realize. It really is not as complicated as it seems, if we choose to make it as simple as possible. It is time we identify our common strengths and experiences in order to solve our common problems.

The Commonalities of Existence:


We are all here right now! All of us are on the same sphere, orbiting the same Sun, in the same Galaxy, all in the same Universe. This is a very obvious link between us all, and a commonality that even a 5 year old can understand.

I have never met a person who does not want or need some form of shelter. I have never met a person who could survive without food and water. I have never met a person who has not suffered from some form of illness or injury. I have never met a person who did not have something to contribute, if only they can identify it and "tap" it.


Every last one of us deserves to have an equal playing field on which to carry out our game. Woman, children, and the financially poor, are still considered all over this great sphere, as inferiors, subordinates, and chattle. Women, children, and the poor, in the histories of our species, have fought wars, they have built nations, they have cured diseases, they have saved lives. Everyone deserves to live under the same set of rules, regardless of any other circumstance.


While it is true that the educational standards are leveling out across the globe, and 2+2=4 no matter where you go, we really only know a very limited amount of information regarding our Universe, our Galaxy, our Solar System, and our the Earth. We all desire to know more, and we all feel we already know aspects of the truth.


If this one does not make sense, or you know of a contradiction, let me know. I will open a Holy place for that person tomorrow; because the living God is among us. Until that time though, we are all just sacks of water, bending light, with a limited number of hours to achieve our purpose.

5 commonalities, 5 ties that bind every Human being on this planet. As long as we look at the problems facing our planet, and our species, through the lens provided by these 5 ties, there is nothing we can not solve. Let's begin that process now.

The Forces that Divide:

Can we really afford the petty squabbles that a national identity creates? When looked through the lens of commonality, we see that it ultimately no longer matters where on this sphere you live. Your actions HERE AND NOW can affect everyone everywhere, and, have the potential to affect everyone into the future. Nationalism is merely a source for isolation. It splits people into factions, and allows for a blurring of our common existence. It creates a mentality of justification, and pride, that reaches far beyond the imaginary lines drawn on a map. After all, if 2 people stand on the border of any 2 nations, without knowing that there was a border, could they not perceive each other as members of the same nation?


In it's beginnings, money was a tool to create trade balance; and, ownership was a way to secure territory. Today, both ownership and money are tools for control of our species. Without money, a person has a harder climb to reach their potential. How many brilliant minds have been wasted, and untapped, due to a condition of poverty? How many times has the cure for cancer gone undiscovered because it lies in the mind of a person pecking out an existence among the detritus of richer societies or individuals?

Ownership, at least in our current understanding and implementation, also creates an illusionary distinction, or separation, among members of our species. If you want to own something, you must first own something, and for those of us that have no ownership, we have less respect from the rest of society, especially the owners. For instance: Go into a bank and ask for a signature loan. On the application, they will ask for a list of collateral (owned items). Leave this section blank, and turn in the application. Unless you can show a significant amount of money in your possession, the chances of you receiving that loan are slim to none. Why? Because you did not show any form of ownership; and, because you own nothing, it will be highly improbable that you will be allowed to borrow money to attain ownership. If they do give you that loan, you should expect to pay 4x the amount of interest, than the person who applied for the exact same loan, but could list collateral. How is a person supposed to achieve ownership in something? They're not! In the end, our concepts of ownership and money are as outdated as the sundial, and only serve to produce greater ownership and wealth in those of us that already have it.


In our world, the greatest barrier to true human freedom and equality is the political process. This is ironic, since the fundamentals of politics (the ability, and desire, of 2 opposing factions/ideals to reach a mutual understanding and compromise) is what has allowed for the formation of what we understand as a set of rules and requirements (IE: Rights) for life by man. This was our past.

Today, politics is used more as a tool to further fractionalize, and factionalize our common existence. The party-line voter, and the person who refuses to vote ("My vote doesn't matter anyway.") are the very apparent symptoms of this. Politics has turned rapidly away from a force for reason, to a contest of popularity, and an auction for control that goes to the highest bidder. Gone are the days when 1 man represented 1 voice, or 1 vote. Now, 1 man, can sway the vote of many, all through manipulations of money and ownership; or worse still, 1 corporation can decide the fate of all men.

It's all a fad, or passing trend. As one religious, artistic, or scientific paradigm diminishes, a new one replaces it. But, even this "new" view is merely a variant of the original idea. This, by itself is not a dividing force. However, it is our acceptance of these fads or trends as unerring truth that does cause division. I'm not saying we shouldn't pursue a better understanding of God or Spirituality. Nor am I saying that we should stop producing art or striving to know more. What I am saying is that we need to identify that the apparent truths are as cyclical, and changing, as the tides of the Ocean. Back and forth, in and out, what we know today is wrong tomorrow; and what is truth in the future will always be replaced by a new truth later on.

When we forget this very obvious aspect to Religion, Art, and Science, we create a new barrier to the development of ideas. When we perceive something as, "The God's honest truth," we no longer look for answers from God, and this then leads to stagnation, competition, and a stifling of Spirit. When we label something as beautiful, we put on blinders to a new source of beauty. When he prove something to hold true, we stop looking for the aspects that are inherently false.

Just as we all must die, the fear of that death spurs many of us to actions that can be intrinsically dangerous not only to our own continued existence, but the very existence of our species. We try and establish a sense of immortality through our actions, whether that takes the form of children, religious pursuits, the accumulation of wealth, or even through acts of destruction and violence to gain notoriety by our species. We even begin to see our fellow man as a source of competition for our continued existence, as if, any of us have any actual control over the moments of our death or the death of others. By denying our looming death, or attempting to displace it's imminence, we are living in a lie that only helps to further separate us not only from our own purpose, but the acceptance of everyone having a purpose.

These are what I see as our greatest commonalities and concerns. While there are other "problems" facing mankind to be sure (drugs, war, abuse, neglect, disrespect, desperation, etc...), I think that they are mere symptoms of the 5 problems listed above.

My next piece will be an attempt to show solutions to the 5 forces that divide, using our 5 commonalities to existence.

Namaste! I love all of you!
Jerry, aka The Dissident_Priest




Dissident_Priest's picture
Dissident_Priest 9 years 32 weeks ago

Thank you! I do not know why it came out so darn skinny. No matter what I tried it kept formatting it this way (maybe because i "copied and pasted" it from my word processing program? Hmmm?

I agree that people need to get out there more, and see how others live, love, and die. It will help us to see each other as the same. The other option is to really study history, and anthropology. I remember a vastly different view of the world began forming for me when I did some research into the Polynesian societies. Their way of "being" was the stone thrown into my stagnant pool of global, and personal understanding.

Namaste, and thanks again for reading it!

Natural Lefty's picture
Natural Lefty 9 years 32 weeks ago

Namaste Jerry! I thought you made the post skinny for a specific reason; I kept thinking a picture would form on the right side of the screen. I didn't know you were on Thom's new site. It's hard to tell since the blogs don't give names on the home page. Anyway, I tried the chat function, it didn't work presumably because I need to download Java, but I saw that you were in the chat room.

Excellent content in this post! Many of your points mirror ones that I have been making, such as human rights as a basis for the economy. Actually, I am heading toward the idea of a morality based economic system using various forms of capital and the affirmation of human rights to create an optimal "social contract" system. A social contract includes people's rights and their responsibities.

More fundamentally, we all face death, fear of death, wondering about the nature of our existence, the limits of our knowledge, our basic human needs, etc. no matter what our personal circumstances, rich or poor, male or female, black, white, yellow, red, mixed, whatever. We all belong to the same species. Why can't we treat each other as equals?

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