A LETTER TO THE OIL COMPANIES ! You wanted to joint join the WTO and extort billions from the people and we let you,
You wanted to drill deeper and we subsidized your costs and let you do so.
You wanted to become a person and THE SUPREME COURT let you become one.You bought our politicians to represent you and we never took you to task for open corruption.
You bought off investors and while we had the lowest unemployment you inflated the market and made the largest profits and we let you, giving you tax cuts and corporate welfare.
You have returned our trust and our largesse by indifferently and criminally destroying our coastline, our environment, our sea life and our economy, as they say "and not with so much as a kiss."

Greed over people!. Profit over responsibility!. You won!. Humanity lost. All those billions in profit can never buy back your reputation or respectability ... just a front seat in Hell.!!
Peter B. Navarro
A proud listener and supporter of your program and your station sponsors. Keep up the great work Thom.


stardustborn's picture
stardustborn 9 years 36 weeks ago

Here's Obama's solution. Tomorrow he goes to the press and says , "I had a vision last night. Dwight Eisenhower came to me and told me that he had warned of the MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX and that many of the problems we are facing today are because no one took heed. He asked what are we doing in 2 unnecessary wars? We are just creating hatred around the world and the perception of American Empire. You only go to war when your peace is threatened. So I finally get it. We will stop these 2 wars and use the money to initiate programs which will move us away from our dependence on oil. Also, as Republican Ike did, it will be necessary to reign in the big monopolies and tax them in order to give the country back to the people."

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