Read the website FAIR AMERICA, analyze its content, and explain why it is, or is not, a possible solution to some of America's biggest political problems--

specifically, those caused by the Corporatist corruption of our politics, which Thom discusses so eloquently in his show.

Have at it.



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12jkwilkes17 7 years 9 weeks ago

I went to the web site and found this....

1. sign our Declaration Against Corporatist Corruption,
2. reject corporate money, and
3. fight for our “Short List” of demands

The web links they provide don't work. If they want to get something going, they better fix that.

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sbtbill 7 years 9 weeks ago

I think Tom missed it today. He was talking to a businessman who was defending small business owners. He said they were part of the problem. I think very few hands on small business or medium sized business owners are part of the problem. I don't think it is the stockholders. It is the professional managers. Most of these people with their MBA's and Accounting degrees don't really understand anything but how to make the next quarter look good. They seem to think that no one but them is worth anything. They figure the stockholders are just these gamblers who look at the tape. They think stockholders expect them to be the best jockeys around and win the sprint. None of them can understad a mile and 1/4 race.

These people are the problem. They think they deserve all the money for pushing a pencil and guessing how many people it takes to lift a pipe they've never tried to lift. They think stockholders hate dividends. They wreck US business.

Oh by the way I do bookkeeping and plubling software, but I did work production in more then one factory.


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Sanford Russell 7 years 9 weeks ago

Another futile march? Why?

What of substance would it accomplish? To hell with marches, committees, grass roots organizations and tea parties that soon sputter and die. Where is the wise, brave, audacious man* of action?

*or woman?

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Doc Twain 7 years 9 weeks ago


the links you refer to seem to be working currently.

If you spot any more broken links, give a yell.

What do you think, by the way?

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Doc Twain 7 years 9 weeks ago


If you read more carefully, you'll see that the goal here is to accumulate enough votes--and raise enough consciousness--by proclaiming our anti-Corporatist, democratic, values; maintaining lick-step unity in supporting a very specfic, concrete platform; and voting only candidates for who support that platform, that we will eventually have enough real representatives in Congress to change America.

If you think that task is going to be easy, or will happen overnight, you're insane. It will take years.

If you think it's impossible, you're already whipped.

If you can't think of a better plan, for your fellow citizens' sake support this one.

Just because political opportunists get behind meaningless marches, does not mean that all marches are meaningless.

Look at the explicit goals of the organization and ask yourself whether they are possible if you and every other skeptic, instead of giving up in despair, entertained the possibility of victory.

Fair America offers what is in effect an "adhesion contract"--an adhesion social contract that a large percentage of Americans would very much like to see signed into law. It's our belief that most Americans already agree with the Declaration and SHort List, or would agree with them if they understood their own economic interests. Given the change to say yes or no to the values expressed in the Declaration, many Americans would already click YES.

That means that our country is ours for the taking, because though the corporate cartels have destroyed the economy and millions of our jobs, they have not yet taken away our right to vote.

They get around to doing that, in time, if we don't take action now.

Your thoughts?

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Doc Twain 7 years 9 weeks ago


please don't make inapposite remarks.

You're in the wrong thread.

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