I've come to realize that the Tea Party and some Libertarians are Corporate Anarchist. They basically want big oil, coal, chemical companies,meat processors, auto manufactueres etc to be able to exploit and pollute our natural world, sell unsafe products, food etc. without the "Pesky Government getting in the way" They also use the argument regarding our health care that "obama care " is government coming between you and your doctor. I am a doctor and right now insurance companies come between you and your doctor. Even with Obama Care we will still have this conflict but the act does build in some protections to prevent arbitrary termination of insurance, pre-existing conditions etc. We do have government health care for seniors and ask any senior if they feel Medicare is intruding between themselves and their doctor. Even tea party members say "take governments hands off my medicare". We need Medicare for all which is widely loved by doctors and those who receive it. But in Obama care there is a provision to waive Obama care if a state can offer similar coverage. This is already in process in Vermont where they will likely have a "Medicare For all" type coverage. Then state by state we can finally get Affordable, cost effective and high quality care.


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PhilfromOhio 6 years 17 weeks ago

Agree totally Dr. Lynn. I don't know why people are constantly getting away with this false truism that the Affordable Care Act allows government to get between a patient and their doctor. In truth, it buffers patients from the bean counter efforts to screw patients out of all care that is humanly possible. Part of the problem is that network "news people" allow these things to be said without challenge on a daily basis. Few people are as equipped as Thom to cut this BS off at the pass. And then you have the hands off approach in tolerating false truisms which seem to derive from corporate news correctness to avoid annoying program sponsors and financial interests. If you don't know history, you can't catch these statements for the lies they are in real time. If you don't challenge peoples' statistics, because you don't have the knowledge or will, the misinformation is simply perpetuated. This all falls into the category that Jon Stewart calls Bullshit Mountain. Go to YouTube and search for Daily Show + Bullshit Mountain for some entertaining examples of how these falsehoods should be aggressively challenged.

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