The fundamental issue which needs to be addressed is the fact that billionaires do not earn their money. The best way to see this in real time is watch a dozen undercover boss shows. They always show someone who started from the bottom and worked their way up but when you see these CEO's going to the work site and actually try to perform the various jobs that are involved in their company, they can not perform even one of the jobs. You also see the severe demands placed on the workers, old fashion factory assembly lines, dangerous conditions etc. Even the CEO's when they hear about their workers living conditions they almost always give their workers a large bonus because they know the truth - who is really doing the work. But sadly they usually don't increase the hourly wage but just give a bonus. I have looked up many of these companies CEO salaries and when you nclude stock options, proffit etc they are earning the "bonus they give" often in one hour of their day. Uncover boss is a great reveal of our capitalist system. Yes, let the CEO make a few million for their organizational skills, idea behind the company etc. but then the profits should be shared by the people who are creating the wealth. So redistribution of wealth is not a real concept because we need to take back the wealth we created! Remuneration not redistribution!



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Dexterous 5 years 43 weeks ago

You do realize this is a scripted TV show don't you?

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Robindell 5 years 43 weeks ago

Mitt Romney is being sued in federal (civil) court over a toy company sale that his firm was involved with. Hedge fund managers are not paid a salary but apparently are paid from the profits of their investments. There is a provision in the tax law to provide them with a low tax rate, especially compared to most other people. Many of these hedge fund individuals are fabulously wealthy. Recently, there are been some successful insider trading prosecutions in the industry, and there may be some upcoming court cases in this area.

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