Ronny Jackson and any other doctor who examines Trump fear for their life ,and their livelihood, so of course whomever the doctor is, no matter how much integrity they have, will say he's in excellent health, even while its obvious he is not. Besides mental issues he is overweight, and it seems he eats a horrible diet, so to say he's in excellent health can't be right, maybe fair to good, but excellent is a lie, or ignorant. Though I have known many people whose doc says they are healthy even while having a long list of issues. And many docs are unhealthy themselves . The doc and Trump can cherry pick what they want the public to see , which is legal, so there is no way to ever get to the truth of his physical or mental health. Of course they will not say anything but the best. Its delusional to think any doctor in the US would tell us the truth. Trump intimidates everyone, and based on whats happened so far, he's good at ruining peoples lives and their livlihood. What Doctor would want to risk losing their job! Think about it.


Coalage3 40 weeks 20 hours ago

Have you been examined for TDS?

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Robert1969 36 weeks 4 days ago

Clinton and Trump were the oldest candidates ever. At the time, they were 68 and 70 years old. And while Trump seems to look healthy, he obviously is hiding a lot from the public.

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