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remember when *this* was the biggest issue people had with the Clintons?


Man, I loved that show! This particular clip really shows how easily distracted we all were by this fluff, and drawn away from seriously questioning & troublesome policy decisions that Bill made, and Hillary endorsed, which have had disastrous consequences still experienced today. What consequences did the Lewinsky affair have on the state of our current economy, foreign policy and criminal justice system? None as far as I can tell. If anything, it boosted his favorability globally and cemented his legacy. Apparently, Europeans *loved* him for it--made him seem more relatable, and like less of an uptight puritanical twat than most American figure heads.

I got into an argument w/ a friend on FB recently who claimed that Hillary can't be deceptive to the public, as she's been under the microscope of mass media on the daily for more than 20 years, and mercilessly raked over the coals by right-wing pundits like Rush Limbaugh constantly. My response was that she's half-right: Hillary Clinton has been senselessly humiliated by GOP mudslingers for absolutely pointless bullshit reasons. However, there were plenty of reasons to be critical of Hillary which had nothing to do with pantsuits and the like, which professional assholes like Rush didn't make a peep about. They dumbed down the mainstream political discourse to the point now where many establishment Democrat supporters mentally place legit critiques of Hillary's voting records and policy proposals in the same group as inane, right-wing screeching points. Case in point, someone else in the same thread claimed that articles I'd cited as a basis for pointing out my own issues with both Clintons as "doing the GOP's work for them." For my part, I feel bad watching someone so sharp, astute and scrupulous fall for old school reactionary mind games so completely.

I'll finish with a question: were politically-engaged leftists in the 90s aware of the long-term dangers Bill's Third Way/DLC policies presented and made to shut up, or did people genuinely not know about it till later?

Stay Awesomesauce & Scorpion Peppers, y'all!


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