Thom, I say this cause I love you. Invoke the Mystic Law. You will get tired of hearing me say this, cause the "beatings will continue." I'm saying to do from personal first hand experience. If we all FEEL DEFEATED, how will we ever have the STRENGTH to overcome it all? Chanting is one FAST ans SURE FIRE way to DO THIS. Gotta get yourself RIGHT, first. That's what comes next. Now, I know we are all HARD SELLS, and so I've been at work to provide an EXAMPLE, that we can all readily see, and watch the progression in others, when THEY actually make use of this Mystic Law. Nam-Myoho-Renge-Key-O, is the phrase that somewhat "magically" TRANSFORMS ALL HUMAN LIFE, from a life of suffering the effects of a hard life on planet earth, to a LIFE OF Clarity, Wisdom, Positive personal power, Compassion for others, A "connectedness" to our living world, a "connectedness" also to the SPIRIT world. Lives in COMPLETE TURMOIL, LIVES that ALL OTHERS already GAVE UP ON, TOTALLY TRANSFORMED.

Many folks like to watch the WWE every week. These athletes are HIGHLY VISIBLE to the PUBLIC. I have been a fan of this sport for almost as long as I can remember. I could not help but to notice, through the years, that these folks are just as susceptible to flights of fancy, and really lame brained moments as well. No one is the IMAGE OF PERFECTION. Not even here. So, I watched John Cena join the WWE, I had been watching Dave Batista, cause I'd met him in downtown DC, while I lived in Northern Virginia, and worked in downtown DC. What a thrill to see him make it, and be able to say I'd met the Man when he was working as a bouncer, and dreaming of a brighter future with the WWE.

I was drawn in to the battles between, and around these two men since their beginnings. I decided to begin writing and encouraging my favorites to embrace and invoke the Mystic Law.

Folks don't like to "tell the whole world" about things they are not CERTAIN themselves about, yet. I never expected any of them to say, I did it and it worked and I will continue to use it. Eventually, they will be willing to ADMIT these things, but never RIGHT AWAY. Folks need to be given the space and time to make their own minds up, about things. So, I took the position in front the TV set, and I watch their faces. Dead Give Away # 1: You CAN ALWAYS SEE AN IMMEDIATE lightening, and brightening of their FACE, they absolutely BEGIN TO GLOW with a POSITIVE RADIANCE FROM WITHIN. This light in the eyes is "on" for the first time in many many years for some. The LIGHT OF SPIRITUAL GROWTH, and all things getting RIGHT in their personal LIVES.

I've encouraged Mickie James, Batista, Orton, And John Cena, to name a few. I see "changes" in Cena, and Orton. I can tell that Dave is still resisting. I can READ IT ALL, just by "tuning in" and watching them BLOOM AND GROW. What a KICK!! This is TRUE FOR ALL WHO EMBRACE THE LAW, NO MATTER WHAT!!!

Wanna feel POSITIVE?

Wanna feel EMPOWERED?

Wanna FEEL a LOT LESS lost and confused?

Visit: WWW.SGI.ORG, and listen to the pronunciation of the phrase, when you can say it correctly, you're ready to begin the positive transformation in YOUR LIFE too. Just say this phrase over and over, for periods of time-no shorter than 15-20 minutes. In this SMALL TIME FRAME, EVERYONE GETS THE BENEFIT OF FEELING LIGHTER, AND MORE POSITIVE. If you need more time, just do it, it ALWAYS DOES THE TRICK. ALWAYS. NEVER FAILS ME. NEVER. Like and believe in the power of Meditation? THIS is a form of actual ACTIVE MEDITATION, which has more POWER, ultimately than the SILENT type of meditation. Chant for say, 30 minutes, every day. Like the results, then begin to chant twice each day for 30 min. Then add more time, like when a "PROBLEM" surfaces, DOUBLE THE EFFORT and the DETERMINATION to OVERCOME, WIN, DEFEAT the NEGATIVITY, or what-have-you.

Chant now, BELIEVE in the POWER, later on, that's cool with us. JUST give it a TRY. OR be cautious and watch those in the WWE first a while, THEN CHANT. I'll take it any way I can get it these days, literally. JUST DO IT. NIKE. NEVER GIVE UP.

TOGETHER IN SPIRIT, WE CAN NOT FAIL!!!!!!!!!! See it. Want it. Grab at it. Take hold. USE IT PROFUSELY, cause it works, and without getting JUDGED weekly, by folks dressed nicer than you.

More to come later.

Began this Blog Post with a different approach and had a power out, today, had to come back and do all over again.

There are more STEPS to follow these, naturally. Stay tuned.


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