Hit them where it hurts, naturally. The paycheck. The support, the respect given when they berate and barrage us yet again. Our positive actions are stopped COLD by the opposition. Take out this opposition. Attack on all fronts. Do not let their FEAR cause you to be discouraged, in YOUR EFFORTS. Instead on ending an action with, oh, big surprise we lost again. why not BEGIN EACH effort fully expecting this opposition from GO, AND being READY willing and able to KEEP sticking it to the man, despite the many mumbled protests may surface from the crumpled DEMI-GOD now, at your feet. USE Visualization. USE Prayer. USE Positive Actions. USE each other for encouragement. Make good use of all the resources, in every battle. Start at the TOP, and work downward. Harder at first, less work in the long run, though. We need to all be UNITED in our EFFORT, and in this way we really CAN WIN.

If we believe it is all wasted effort, and all in vain, how can we truly expect to WIN, overall?

YET, this is what purpose this never-ending merry-go-round provides us. We loose again and again. We start out hopeful, active, and very aggressive, perhaps. Then when beaten down again, we're deflated again and again, setting up this DOOM and GLOOM forecast, against our own individual efforts. Each go we get weaker than the last. Each go we get more discouraged, than last time, too. The accumulative effect overall is DEAFENING to our PURPOSE as well.

Start with a winning attitude, each effort.

Tell yourself, INSIST if you need to, that this effort is not going the way of all those PAST great efforts. Make it a firm determination. VISUALIZE the Old Cronies all falling over with a heart attack, or something.

Refuse to be backed DOWN, again. EVER!!

Pull in all resources, for EACH effort.

It has to be REAL in our minds, to make it a reality we can all enjoy. Also TEAMWORK is essential. We need to support and encourage one-another as necessary. We should also take a much more united front. Many in body, Single in MIND. Many people fighting to the "death" against a bad government, refusing to back down, allowing OURselves to only SEE and ACKNOWLEDGE COMPLETE VICTORY. We seem to always remain divided.

That's what we change to actually win this thing. Less deflation, less chatter about what is WRONG, and what they were wearing when they wronged. How it hurt our effort. How hard it will be to FIGHT this one a second time around. FORGET THE NEGGIES. SEE THE brighter future we all truly want and believe in, still. This is where the NEED for STEP ONE, comes in. (getting positive, about something besides we're up the creek)

Pull in all possible SUPPORT, from other people, EACH EFFORT. No need to discriminate. Pour in the visualization methods, the prayers, the support groups, ALL WE HAVE- AT ONCE!!!

You never see a fight for LIFE, that is nearly as POLITE as we think we need to be. THIS IS SURVIVAL, and taking it at a lesser VALUE than that is well, nutty as all hell. This battle between us and them, the Capitalists gone mad, and the poor suckers. Gotta CHANGE how we think of our fight.

Win with a WINNING ATTITUDE. See it. Feel it. Take a grab for it. Hold it close. Never let it GO, again.


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