The news is filled with (mostly feigned) shock and outrage about the promise that if you like your health insurance, etc., etc. What seems to be missing is the role of the insurance industry in this scenario, to wit, their choosing to send out cancellation notices and terminate some people's policies (I got one). Why did they do it? The most likely answer would be that they figured they would not make a big enough profit on these products. Their enrollees probably "liked" these products because they were cheap, and because they were cheap they covered very little (like mine) and would not meet the minimum standards for health insurance policies outlined in the Affordable Care Act. Of course, Americans have a history of liking things that were not good for them, such as giant sugary soft drinks, cigarettes, and Ronald Reagan, and they are usually unaware of the role of govenment standards in the products they buy, such as automobiles or food. Do we see insurance industry executives interviewed on radio or TV about their role in this, or will they be called to testify in a congressional investigation?

Right wing radio is full of bloviators complaining about "socialized medicine." They fail to mention that Obamacare is nowhere near socialized medicine, lacking control of the entire health care process, not making doctors and nurses government employees, and not taxing everyone to support a government run health care oligopoly.

Because I suspect that profit motive is behind the cancellation issue, I humbly propose my solution: pass a law that outlaws the making of a profit in selling health insurance. We can claim that the health issue is too important to be left to the free market, and such a law would require a relatively small bureaucracy, one that monitors the income of these insurance companies. I am sure that there would be people who would not mind running or woking in a nonprofit organization. The CEO may only make, say, $500,000 or $1,000,000 a year, but that is a gig that I wouldn't mind having, if I were qualified.


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bluedog 294 5 years 43 weeks ago

I like your idea; but do you really think that Boehner & the tea-bagger controlled House of Representatives would ever vote for such a law?

I suppose it's "possible" to get enough votes in the House to approve such a bill, if all the Democrats and at least 25 Republicans voted for it...but even if that were to happen, it's doubtful that Boehner would even allow an up or down vote.

Even if by some miracle it DID pass the House, Senate Republicans would surely filibuster it

I wish President Obama had held out for a single-payer health plan in the first place.

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