First - thank you zapdam for the reply. That's what I thought. It's a bit lengthy to post here, but maybe someone will read it (?) : The Honorable Senator ________ PIPELINES ? WALLS ? We struggle year, after year, after year, after year - to pay our taxes. That is NOT on what we want them to be spent! Please help. We could be producing electrical energy from ocean waves! (It seems to me to be one of the least destructive - most sustainable methods.) We could be developing even more benign ones. We could be planting trees - MILLIONS OF TREES. $25,000,000,000.00 (more or less) for a wall! Millions of yards of concrete! Infinite environmental cost! Incomprehensible, inconceivable more billions of costs for pipelines! More environmental destruction! More disregard for compassion! I compare prices at the grocery store. I recycle every can - glass, metal, plastic. To waste that much finite material and money is beyond horrendous. We MUST stop destroying. Our efforts need to be focused on restoring our planet! We need to educate everyone about what happens when a planet becomes uninhabitable. Extinction is not just a word; it is a process. We are all one. The homeless on the street, the billionaires, the trillionaires - breathe the same air - need the same oxygen. Maybe some peoples' hearts are made of stone. Maybe their eyes are blind to the hurt. DO THEY TRULY NOT KNOW? DO THEY KNOW BUT NOT CARE ? We will keep on trying. Love doesn't give up. Life is more precious than affluence - life for the next seven generations and more.


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zapdam 2 years 36 weeks ago

I kept hearing Trump repeating the lie that approving the TransCanada pipeline would create 35 thousand new jobs. What he intentionally omitted was the bulk of those jobs would be temporary, till the pipeline was in place, then it would shrink to about 50. Using Trumps false logic, the government subsidizing a new Walmart would have created many more sustainable jobs, not that i'm in bed or in love affair with Walmart , which i'm not. Those 35 thousand new pipeline jobs, were of course a lie as i've pointed out, the jobs mantra Trump kept repeating everytime a camera flashed, were nothing more than a script to deflect criticism and delude the US population into thinking these right wingers were jobs makers.

D.Schrock as you pointed out very well, there are many many more green jobs that could be created by any government serious about tackling the ever growing green house effect and pollution from our continued refusal to wean ourselves off carbon based energy.

Tree planting as you pointed out would give lungs to our fight at the over abundance of CO2 in our atmosphere. What could be better than a jobs creation by the federal government to green America by planting trees and inturn offer these tree planting jobs to young Americans.

Harnessing the tides for energy is already being used in many countries , because its effective , consistent and eternal . The installation and manufacture of windmills is but another part of the puzzle of creating green energy jobs. The revolution of placing solar panels on the roof's of businesses and homes across America, and its maintenance would have created virtually millions of jobs overnight, not to mention the the manufacturing plants that create these panels.

Elon Musk has created 35 thousand dollar electric cars that can travel 240 miles per charge, out perform a Porche from 0 to 60mph. That price would drop like a stone if he could find the financial backing and build new plants to accommodate the hundreds of thousands of orders already placed with deposits.

D.Schrock America needs more people like you my friend , who have a vision of a sustainable carbon free America. Just think of all the conflicts that today wouldn't exist or the drain of billions of US dollars going to prop up regimes that hate and want to destroy us or into the pockets of corporate sociopaths that are prepared to destroy the planet , to top up their bank accounts.

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zapdam 2 years 36 weeks ago

D.Schrock , don't get discouraged because so far no one else has extended you the courtesy to comment on the very real and important subject you have brought up.

I posted what i thought was a good observation on right politics in America , in which i quoted a blogger that republicans appear to be basing their whole right wing philosophy on the writings of a second rate sociopathic meth addict. Not a comment was made, but sometimes things go like that. So keep writing and venting, because you'll become a much better blogger , plus things that are bothering you are of interest to some of us.

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