With the DNC purging all things Sanders, Progressives may not have anyone to support them. (not that it is hurting them now: https://www.nationaljournal.com/s/659667/house-gop-fears-wave-2018-money-woes-grow.) We can hope that many Progressives presently running for various seats do win, but with the DNC falling back to their old ways who will the DNC reach out to? If there is a voter shift toward Progressives, the DNC status quo message will fall upon deaf ears. Could this mean that a third party run as Progressives may stand a chance in the general election?

I’m not sure who the DNC may have in mind for presidential candidates and I can’t believe the GOP will do any better than they have in previous elections. But, since this whole essay is based on assumptions, I’m guessing the Democratic Party will push a centrist visionary and the GOP may well be stuck with Pence.

Because there still is and most likely will still be a Bernie/Hillary divide come 2020, the need for change that the DNC seems averse to, may virtually guarantee a GOP victory. I know there is a line of thought that doubts the voters would be so dumb as to repeat the same mistake twice, but all one needs to do is look at the previous elections. For conservative voters, they went from the younger Bush to voting for Trump. It’s a safe bet to say there is a contingent of conservative voters that will vote for a Republican no matter how much of an idiot they are. While I recognize Trump got more than just the typical conservative to vote for him, those voters would most likely sit out 2020 unless there is another Bernie in the race—which is unlikely with the present course that the DNC is taking.

I can’t provide exact numbers, but the way I see it is that less than half of the Democratic voters will fall in line with old ways Dems but I believe there are enough Independents who would vote for a Progressive. However, I also believe there are enough Republican voters who would go with a Progressive. To quote Herman Cain, “I don’t have the facts to back this up…” but in a three-way race, assuming Sanders is a third party candidate, I believe he could win with the majority of the popular vote but am unsure if that could win the electoral college. Again, assuming the Dems go with a mediocre choice, they may end up with less than a quarter of the votes and the GOP will always have their 30% of racists supporters. Now I know my math is questionable, but would the lack of winning the electoral college cause a Constitutional crisis? Could this be a good thing? It may help change the issues many have with the Electoral College, but what exactly would the end result be?


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