The following is an email I wrote to my house representative from Minnesota, John Kline. I hope everyone is staying active and contacting their legistators! I know I have been in MN with our state shutdown as well!

I'm sorry Mr. Kline, but I find the "Cut, Cap & Balance" Bill completely irresponsible. A super-majority to raise taxes? Is that to protect the rich which you refer to as "Job-Creators"? Do companies with lower taxes create jobs? NO, they in FACT DO NOT. Look at GE - last year they paid 7.4% in taxes. What did they do with that extra money...cut 17,000 jobs. Hewlett Packard...They paid under 25% tax rate and what did they do? Shipped those jobs overseas. City Group paid 16.9% last year and they got rid of over 5000 jobs. Johnson & Johnson paid 21.3% and they cut jobs for the 5th straight year (8,000 jobs). How can you take the stand of keeping taxes low and defend what these coorporations are doing? What we need is a balanced approach! Cuts in defense would dramatically reduce government spending but we need to raise revenue as well. The middle class is declining and the gap between middle and upper class is widening. We all do better when we all do better. We need shared sacrifice but we need our leaders to look at who is really sacrificing more! I hope you will kindly respond.


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