An Empaths Prospective of Political Opinions

Evaluating your value is incredibly lonely and complex (and a necessity for empaths). When you stand in a glass box, it’s fragile. You want to be free from it, but, you also need to be mindful on how it shatters. Broken glass can blind you if you get it in your eyes… I want to talk about what is on top of my glass box.

My father is a staunch Libertarian. “Atlas Shrugged” and the Bible are interchangeable. I am his karma, a free-spirited, intelligent, musician. It’s almost funny and, I still find it in my heart to feel a little sadness at my lack of success. I can’t find my path, and, as I discuss it with him, he’s always telling me I need to be better than everyone else. I took his message and all I can ever compare to other people are feelings, and, I do it in an attempt to understand complex emotions. I’m not sure how to define myself as better than others. As I watch the “lazy millennial” crap shoot down his newsfeed, I can’t help but wonder what he will say about my daughter’s generation someday. I ask him, “Why should workers not have a say? Why should shareholders be the rulers?” His response is that they worked hard and earned it. I remind him it’s been a long time since he has had to walk in a restaurant employee's shoes but, I’m always looked down on.

My father-in-law is a passive aggressive Facebook poster. He responds to things he dislikes covertly by just “spontaneously” developing a random post that is oddly specific to something you posted 10 minutes ago. He is on his high horse for the Drumpf, and, all others must be looked down on. He complains about taxes while he is unemployed. He claims terrorism is the result of tolerance. And, of course, all that free stuff Bernie is going to give me. He says I don’t know what Socialism is. I respond with the normal FDR response and, he tells me it won’t work anymore… I have to wonder what exactly qualifies him to make that assessment. The reality is, nothing other than ego. He looks down on me, tells me to toughen up, and tells me my lack of experience is why I can’t make a proper opinion. Before the political season, he would uncomfortably place me on a pedestal reminding his son that I’m the smartest woman he will ever come across. That is the most degrading thing a father can do to his son, and, I don’t like being valued on someone else’s back.

Lastly, there are supporters from all sides, and, in an attempt to have a serious debate with kindness, I have been kicked off pages repeatedly… It’s kind of defeating when independent thinking and marching to my own beat are discouraged in the most “free-spirited” places. Silence.

Then, as I think back to my father’s millennial distaste, my father-in-law doubting my intelligence, I am told I will let the world collapse if I dare limit myself to supporting a single candidate and no other. My glass box is everyone else’s ideas and opinions… no matter which way I try to walk forward, I am wrong and shamed! On top, the media, pressuring my views through both suggestion and lack thereof. The only one I see leading without pressure is Bernie but, the revolution is losing it’s reflection of him. I’d like to point out there is a difference between being a fan and a supporter. A muse requires a mirror, not a glass box. Glass boxes are the trap of browbeating. Do not burden me with the fate of the world, instead, ease my burden so when it shatters, I can move freely from under the weight, and I might just see your point of view. In the meantime, I'm perfectly happy to keep emotional observation at the top of my priority list.



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