There is probably no requirement to carry some form of ID in all places here in the USA, just to walk the streets. But a two-time felon friend-of-mine found out that it is a felony to be without ANY form of ID here in the USA. Maybe he was told that in relation to the state he was in.
I called Thom's show to warn him and the listeners that this 'problem' may actually exist -- and he dropped me like a hot potatoe, and dismissed me as some 'conservative idealogue' or 'plant'. He was 'amazed' that you can be harrassed for some form of ID when merely walking the street. Do not be amazed at such 'police' behavior. You can be pulled over for being "white-and-hippy" as well as being "black" or "mexican" or whatever. There does not need to be some pretense of 'you were doing something wrong', for the police to ask you for your ID. If only we really had a truely "Free-Moving" (the original Libertarian) culture (not the stupid-f**ks that pretend to be 'Libertarian').


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cysciborg 9 years 11 weeks ago

I worked for a state agency, and was an State Security officer under John Ashcroft. whom became the attorney general under president Bush. He while governor of the state of Missouri, built many for profit prisons. one day we at state security, got orders from the governors office, to empty the state hospitals, and we did so. these then patients, were placed on the streets, without food stamps, medications, or housing. and within days, they became criminals. this by wanting food, and taking it from grocery stores or 7-11s'. or sleeping in the public parks. and being arrested. so, the now disenfranchised former patients, became prisoners, in the for profit prison system. thus the criminalization of the mental ill. now, they want to use the brown peoples, such as in Arizona, and make them chattel in the for profit prison system there too. so, the mostly rich, republicans, who are the owners of the for profit prisons, are using all, or many disenfranchised peoples, for "for Profit" prisons. this is a trend. and you, if you are, mental ill, or brown, Are to become a tool of those wishing to maximize their investments, and fill the For Profit Prisons !

natp27 9 years 11 weeks ago

Employers are the ones who have stolen identities

May I add that the SHERRIFF's comment about arresting illegals for having false identification is a real JOKE!! Because..., those ids are the property of the EMPLOYERS!!! The employers are the ones who have stolen identities and they systematically lend these papers temporarily to their workers. It would be interesting to take a close look at this and the authorities will find out that the same ID is repeatedly reused at the same employers' jobsite by DIFFERENT workers. So the SHERRIFF should be ARRESTING the CEOs because they are the ones misusing peoples' stolen identities.

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