Dangerous Donald And What To Do About Him

I write slowly so I don’t know how many lies Donald Trump and his minions will tell, how many laws they will break, how many deaths they will cause by the time I post this. A reporter counted 17 lies in Trump’s NY Times interview alone; the Syrian bombing raids he ordered killed 1,500 civilians in one month, 3 times Obama’s record; only future historians will be able to tally the laws broken because it will take awhile for all of them to come to light, but they keep tumbling out as the number of emoluments he’s collecting, the number of Russian and American Mafia he’s partnered with, the number of perjuries committed by family and friends continue to mount.

This man is dangerous. If he gets the Trumpcare bill he wants, a minimum of 25,000 will die unnecessarily each year, if his budget passes, millions will be denied the human services they need and tens of thousands more will die for lack of them, if he gets the tax cuts he wants, the poverty rate will jump from the current 25% to god knows what and hundreds of thousands more people, most of them children, will go hungry.

And that’s a minimum sum of the damage he and his minions will cause. Countless more Americans will die, be poisoned or disabled because regulations designed to protect the food we eat, the air we breathe, the water we drink, the places we work, have been weakened or dismantled entirely.

Americans made a mistake by electing him (if we really did, given the Russian interference with our democracy). The sooner we correct that mistake and get rid of him, the more of us will survive. It’s that stark, that simple.

It will require that all of us who recognize the threat that he poses - women, people of color, native Americans, union members, LGBTQers, activists for economic and environmental justice, seniors and people with disabilities like me - unite to remove him.

That will require that we subordinate our own specific causes to the task. that may seem hard to do until we realize that we cannot significantly advance those causes under a Trump-led regime. There are hopeful signs that we’re beginning to understand that but it’s a lesson we must absorb quickly and act on immediately.

The most orderly way to do that is to organize to demand that every Congressperson vote to inditeI him and that every Senator vote to convict him. However, it may take more radical forms of nonviolent protest to dislodge him. The Argentinians turned out their dictator by taking to the streets beating pots and pans. Eastern Europeans staged revolutions of various colors to drive out theirs. Surely we can be as determined and creative as they were.

But that is just half the task. Trump is the product of a sick society. He is a symptom as well as the embodiment of the disease. After we excise him, we must cure it of its corruption, inequities and exclusions and create a country where all are welcome and all have an equal chance to participate.

Democrats Need To Reclaim the Word Freedom Now

Thom plus logo The big debate among democratic circles is about the word socialism. It really needs to be about the word freedom. Billionaires claim that freedom means no taxes for the billionaires. Industrialists claim that freedom means no regulation for their industries.