[From Wikipedia] Stop and identify statutes are laws in the United States that allow police to detain persons reasonably suspected of involvement in a crime and require persons so detained to identify themselves to the police.

These statues have been argued and upheld by the Supreme Court in 1968 (Terry v. Ohio, 392 U.S. 1) and in 2004 (Hiibel v. Sixth Judicial District Court of Nevada, 542 U.S. 177) and were found that not to violate the 4th Amendment (no unreasonable search and seizure) but left they (the Court) left it open the possibility that it might violate the 5th Amendment (self-incrimination).

Here are the States that currently have this type of statue on their books:
Alabama - Ala. Code §15-5-30
Arizona - Ari. Rev. Stat. (enacted 2005)
Arkansas - Ark. Code Ann. §5-71-213(a)(1)
Colorado - Colo. Rev. Stat. §16-3-103(1)
Delaware - Del. Code Ann., Tit. 11, §§1902(a), 1321(6)
Florida - Fla. Stat.
Georgia - Ga. Code Ann. §16-11-36(b) ** see below for statue text **
Illinois - Ill. Comp. Stat., ch. 725, §5/107-14
Kansas - Kan. Stat. Ann.
Louisiana - La. Code Crim. Proc. Ann., Art. 215.1(A)
Missouri - Mo. Rev. Stat.
Montana - Mont. Code Ann. §46-5-401(2)(a)
Nebraska - Neb. Rev. Stat. §29-829
Nevada - Nev. Rev. Stat. §171.123 (3)
New Hampshire - N. H. Rev. Stat. Ann. §§594:2
New Mexico - N. M. Stat. Ann. §30-22-3
New York - N. Y. Crim. Proc. Law §140.50(1)
North Dakota - N.D. Cent. Code §29-29-21
Ohio - Ohio Rev. Code
Rhode Island - R. I. Gen. Laws §12-7-1
Utah - Utah Code Ann.
Vermont - Vt. Stat. Ann., Tit. 24, §1983
Wisconsin - Wis. Stat. §968.24


Language of the Georgia Code Ann. §16-11-36(b):

(a) A person commits the offense of loitering or prowling when he is in a place at a time or in a manner not usual for law-abiding individuals under circumstances that warrant a justifiable and reasonable alarm or immediate concern for the safety of persons or property in the vicinity.
(b) Among the circumstances which may be considered in determining whether alarm is warranted is the fact that the person takes flight upon the appearance of a law enforcement officer, refuses to identify himself, or manifestly endeavors to conceal himself or any object. Unless flight by the person or other circumstances make it impracticable, a law enforcement officer shall, prior to any arrest for an offense under this Code section, afford the person an opportunity to dispel any alarm or immediate concern which would otherwise be warranted by requesting the person to identify himself and explain his presence and conduct. No person shall be convicted of an offense under this Code section if the law enforcement officer failed to comply with the foregoing procedure or if it appears at trial that the explanation given by the person was true and would have dispelled the alarm or immediate concern.
(c) A person committing the offense of loitering or prowling shall be guilty of a misdemeanor.
(d) This Code section shall not be deemed or construed to affect or limit the powers of counties or municipal corporations to adopt ordinances or resolutions prohibiting loitering or prowling within their respective limits.


Loitering is such an ambiguous charge.



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