It’s your fault. It’s my fault. It’s the fault of him, her and them. Blame it on the Republicans. Blame it on the Democrats, the corporations, Congress and the president. Distrust the media, both liberal and conservative. It’s because of the socialists, capitalists, and illegal immigrants. Have I left anyone out? I’m sure that I have. I’m just sick of using commas.

In truth, we are all to blame. I’m a liberal. Wait… that word is antithetical to what my personal philosophy dictates. I must be a conservative. No! Neither describes my political beliefs. I am a moderate. Where does that leave me in this system of ours? Why should I be a bystander like the majority of Americans in the United States!?

Many of us are fed up with the way things are. The media readily relays Tea Party events and anti-war movements featuring the most angry or outspoken people involved. Pundits feed this to their audience with an abundance of commentary and criticism. These same pundits then claim bias concerning the views of there competitors. Most of this bickering has little to do with facts.

That last sentence is a good example of the spin. I could have used “much” instead of “most”. Nonetheless, the statement was only an opinion, albeit an acceptable one. What about a statement such as, “President Obama is a socialist.” In fact, it is an opinion. However, in media vernacular, it is propagated and accepted as a fact by many people in its audience. Truth matters little in their political landscape because it is flooded with talking points and misinformation. Filtering through this propaganda is an endless labor.

In the meantime, I (and others like me) have nowhere to go to find a reasonable debate. The Tea Party would have been ideal for me to voice and vent, but it was corrupted. The perversion of the party was perpetrated by big money and bigoted minds. Those same people who would claim to represent the majority of Americans are relegated to telling the lies, innuendo and misinformation that is constantly fed to them by their chosen leaders. These so called ‘Role-Models’ have an agenda of turning that masses against the majority, and are unabashed in doing so.

The minority, however, is not held responsible by the masses. It readily adapts itself to curry the anger of such groups. Propaganda runs rampant and people are fooled. We are all fools to them. A river of slime flows from the mouths of the perpetrators of this hatred and it sticks to and pollutes the minds of naïve Americans. And at this time, the mouth of this river belongs to the Republicans.

That matters little however, because people are hateful. Hatred spreads from person to person like wild fire. It won’t be extinguished by facts because it fueled by fiction. What is more compelling; “He wants to take away your guns!” or “In order to prevent illegal weapon distribution to criminals and specific individuals or groups who may use them for nefarious purposes against the state, he has proposed legislation that will more heavily regulate automatic firearm sales during and at Gun Shows .If you chose the latter, then perhaps you are not capable of understanding the tone of this essay. Perhaps you are more amicable to a more simple analogy; “I like Ike” or “I intend to vote for Dwight Eisenhower”. In both cases, the first was short and unspecific, while the latter was quite the opposite. Simplicity is the key.

Look at cable news ratings, especially in Prime Time. The masses flock to those who propagate sensationalism, while fact driven commentary is constantly being defeated by yellow journalism. The most important issues are made to look petty and patriots are painted as deceitful. Dishonesty runs rampant while there are hurdles thrown in front of honest debate (mostly time constraints). It is not surprising that the truth is lost. It is dull and complicated. But some form of information is needed to feed the growing anger of our population. Like water looking for the path of least resistance, we consume that which is the easiest to absorb. The truth has been supplanted by theater.

It is not the minority alone that has a negative influence on the country. And ire at the majority is not always misplaced. They may be tied up in bureaucratic procedure, but they consistently make promises they don’t (and can’t) keep. They are also capable of producing they same kind of vile and misinformation against the minority. Without mentioning their political allies, I could list a slew of nonsense coming from the Democrats. I suppose one good turn deserves another, but I digress.

We have become weak minded, and perhaps we always were. Some of us search for answers. We may listen or watch those who seem educated with information relevant to what we are searching for. Or we may find those who feel a similar way to us. We’ll listen to propaganda and hatred while it brings us to ruin. We are being lied to, and we readily accept it.

I have tried my entire life to live free of anger. It is synonymous with the lack of reason. And for that; I have been a fool. I see now that anger can be used as a tool. It can be like magnifying glass, used to focus energy into a specific area. I feel anger now. Our greatest freedom in this country has been abused. Those with influence use it to peddle lies and propaganda. They use it to turn war-mongers and war-profiteers into patriots. They have turned a once noble profession into nothing a device for making money. They have turned journalists into salesmen. Someone will always buy what they sale because we have been taught that journalists tell the truth. We trust them. I don't! Not anymore.

Those of us who vote indiscriminate of party lines rely on media for information. The media has been corrupted, and we have few other outlets for viewing. My anger has become focused. The media has become polluted, and it has contaminated us. This tool of our society is now wielded by evil hands.

Perhaps I am too severe. Maybe they aren’t evil. I’ll let others decide. However, I won’t let others decide for me. The corporate media may poke fun at the independent news stream, but it quite likely the best source of unadulterated news. Prime Time can’t ignore it, because at our core, we want the truth. Even if it’s hard to see through all the lies.

I will tell you with no ambiguity; it is okay to be angry. It is our right, and in my opinion, we should be. Our politicians, leaders, and pundits have not only let us down, they have purposefully deceived us. They should be ashamed of themselves. We should be ashamed of them.


Zenzoe 9 years 26 weeks ago

Sorry for the inadequate, and perhaps cliché, response to a heartfelt post, but it's just that I am reminded of the following quote (in effect), which I repeat, from St. Augustine: Hope has two beautiful daughters—Anger and Courage; anger for the way things are, and courage to change them.

Also, sometimes underneath anger is love.

faithntubz's picture
faithntubz 9 years 25 weeks ago

I just wanted to say thanks

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