I am a skeptic and as with most things such as global climate change and religion, I say show me the evidence. There is much evidence that climate change is real and man made and absolutely no evidence there is an alpha male in the sky that controls every thing. So, with GMOs I have been skeptical as well, especially with much of the dialog being fear driven.

One problem I have with the anti-GMO movement, is that it uses the acronym GMO as a pejorative, and all GMOs are lumped into the same argument as though all are bad for you and the environment. Are there no benign GMOs (rhetorical, yes there are)? For example, if a crop is developed to resist pests and disease so that no pesticide or herbicides are used, would that not be a good thing? There are such GMOs. I would consider any GMOs extremely desirable if they allow the use of less, or no pesticides or herbicide. All GMOs should not be painted with the same broad brush.

There are two areas of concern when evaluating GMOs; health risks and environmental.

When it comes to health risks the labeling movement seems to be driven out of fear and lack of knowledge or facts. Fear of something new, and lack of scientific facts. As an individual I do not have the labs or the funding for studies, so I rely on legitimate organizations such as the AMA and the National Academy of Sciences to give me answers.

The World Health Organization (WHO) states: "GM foods currently available on the international market have passed risk assessments and are not likely to present risks for human health." Also, the U.S. National Academy of Sciences, the European Commission, the American Medical Association and the scientific academies of Britain, France and Germany reviewed the evidence and concur that existing GE foods are as safe and nutritious as conventional varieties.

Regarding the environmental concerns, "the National Academy of Sciences in 2010 came down on the positive side. “Generally, GE crops have had fewer adverse effects on the environment than non-GE crops produced conventionally,”





trav4's picture
trav4 6 years 17 weeks ago

If you were a true sceptic, you would be sceptical of anything unnatural like GMOs. Sounds like you are brainwashed into believing everything you're told.

Falkenbird's picture
Falkenbird 6 years 17 weeks ago

The World Health Organization, the Food and Drug Administration, the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) and other medical and scientific bodies have said there is no evidence to support the idea that genetically modified foods are dangerous. Billions of people have eaten the foods for years without obvious evidence of a problem.

DdC's picture
DdC 6 years 17 weeks ago

What the World Health Org doesn't want you to know

Example: Genetically Modified corn has been engineered in a laboratory to produce pesticides in its own tissue. GMO corn is regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency as an Insecticide, but is sold unlabeled. [EPA Pesticides]. Walmart is now selling Monsanto's sweet corn that has been genetically engineered to contain an insecticide, but consumers don't know because it's not labeled.

Clear facts about proposition 37

No Cost to Consumers
Companies change their labeling all the time, and independent research shows Prop 37 will not affect food prices.

Nurses Support Prop 37
Genetically Modified Organisms are linked to allergies, organ toxicity, and other health problems. The Food and Drug Administration has said “providing more information to consumers about bioengineered foods would be useful.”

No New Bureaucracy
Prop 37 is self-enforced and requires no new bureaucracy. The state official analyst has said any costs for enforcement would range from 1 to 3 cents per year for each Californian.

No Loopholes
Prop 37 requires labeling for genetically engineered foods for the groceries you buy. The initiative contains exemptions from labeling requirements for practical purposes, such as food served in restaurants.

Backed by Consumers
Prop 37 is supported by consumers, farmers, nurses and many more. It is opposed by Monsanto, Dow, and foreign chemical companies spending millions to confuse us.


* Monsanto:$8,112,069
* DuPont:$5,400,000
* Pepsi:$2,145,400
* BASF:$2,000,000
* Bayer:$2,000,000
* DOW:$2,000,000
* Syngenta:$2,000,000
* Coca-Cola:$1,690,500
* Nestle:$1,461,600
* ConAgra Foods:$1,176,700

Quote Monsatan:Are there no benign GMOs (rhetorical, yes there are)?

Were there any benign Nazi's or Bubonic plague?

Quote Monsatan:For example, if a crop is developed to resist pests and disease so that no pesticide or herbicides are used, would that not be a good thing?

No. Firstly it only deters pests or weeds genetically modified into it. Leaving the extra cost to fight off the other pests and weeds typically with poisons. Another factor was they are terminator seeds so you can't save them in banks to reuse. Added cost and not natural.

Quote Monsatan:There are such GMOs.

Test them and they should be labeled as such. But again the same answer as the previous. Farming methods are the problem. Wasted water and exporting cattle taking resources and leaving a mess for a few to profit on subsidized land and eating grain taking more water and poisons. GMO's are also like antibiotics and after a few generations the bugs and weeds are immune. Plus the entire concept was Monsanto and their lawyer Cliarence Thomas granting a patent on a seed. Never has been done because no one invented nature, they did invent GMO's. Plus no long term studies and with Monsanto's record of hazardous waste dumping to covering up harmful substances and the latest fear of telling people they are eating frankenfud because they might not want to eat frankenfud. Monsanto holds fast that the buyers should NOT have an informed choice.

Quote Monsatan:There are such GMOs. I would consider any GMOs extremely desirable if they allow the use of less, or no pesticides or herbicide. All GMOs should not be painted with the same broad brush.

Yes they should until long term studies are completed. As it stands these "experts" paid by Monsanto swore they would not cross pollinate neighbors. Experts who never heard of birds and bees don't stop at fences and have a hell of a time reading warning do not enter signs. Oh what to do, sue the neighbor for stealing Monsanto's product. 200,000 Indian farmers believing the commercials ended up committing suicide when they discovered terminator technology and the extra cost of non modified pesticides and herbicides needed. Now its banned throughout Europe. Corporate farming is no different than corporate anything. Profits are the goal. Monsanto is also trying to monopolize the seed banks and bee research. Or look at their track record starting with Saccharin, DDT, Agent Orange, Dioxins and PCB's. Their subsidiary this week Searle Pharmaceuticals fast tracked Aspartame with known hazards and links to Alzheimer's. That was Donald Rumsfeld as CEO. How many must be sickened by this company before they are held accountable? Now you push their latest scam on false doubts and denialism more than skepticism. Straw-man references used as facts don't jive with the laws of physics.

Quote Monsatan:There are two areas of concern when evaluating GMOs; health risks and environmental.

Monsanto has only one risk, not selling products. When you kill living bugs there are less fertilizing the soil and nutritionizing the top soil. Nature weeds itself and feeds itself unless corporations set up an infrastructure for profits. Reusing resources and letting nature do its thing on local county wide bases and utilizing the amazing abilities of hemp to aid in farming as a pest and weed deterrent. Shade and choker crop. But regardless corporations created the Dust Bowl plowing up the Prairie grass or Buffalo grass. Thick sturdy grass to hold down the soil from the high speed gusts of wind. Once it was gone to grow wheat for Kellogg and Mills. Until the drought and then the winds driving humans out of parts of the OK TX areas. So until GMO's can be tested and proven as a good neighbor. I won't use it. Instead of Organic Food I believe the new labels are Natural Foods. Our local organic supermarket shelves are full of NO GMO stamped on the package. Monsanto put millions into defeating the CA labeling initiative. Why would anyone be ashamed of their product or fearful the public doesn't want it? That is what the free enterprise system is supposedly about. Not with hemp maybe. Too unPC in too many places. Same with GMO's. I'm sure the diet coke for breakfast honey bozo's won't mind. Label it and test it long term with independent labs. Not Monsanto employees in the FDA or Supreme Court. The AMA insurance company turned its back on patients using medicinal cannabis. They hold more allegiance to Big Pharma than doing no harm. They pledge the Hypocrites Oath not the Hippocratic.

Quote Monsatan:When it comes to health risks the labeling movement seems to be driven out of fear and lack of knowledge or facts.

No just the trolls afraid to label their product like any packaged food product. I'd like to see meat, fish and dairy products labeled as to feed stock and origin. Your obvious slant has no logic other than as a typical employee doing the job obediently and silently. Thats fear kid. Wanting to know what I consume is being an informed consumer.

Quote Monsatan:Fear of something new, and lack of scientific facts.

You come hear with sputum like that expecting us to believe anything further you might have to say then I'd like to sell you a bridge I own, just driven over by two little old ladies going to church. What do you fear from disclosing your product? Putz! You crossed the line into boring troll, cya!

Frankenfood with History
Aventis sells the technology in the United States through Aventis CropScience, of Research Triangle Park, N.C. Aventis SA is a new company, the product of the December 1999 merger between old-time European manufacturing giants Rhone Poulenc SA and Hoechst A.G. Rhone Poulenc was founded in 1858 as an apothecary shop in Paris. By the early 1900s the company had developed a synthetic drug to combat previously untreatable syphilis. Hoecsht also traces its roots to the mid-19th century, when it started making chemicals in Germany. In 1925, it joined with drug maker Bayer A.G. and chemical manufacturer BASF to become part of I.G. Farben industries A.G. I.G. Farben, as that company was known, was broken up by Allied forces after World War II because of its involvement in producing gases used in Hitler's death camps. Neither Hoecsht, Bayer nor BASF was held responsible for I.G. Farben's wartime activities. The three were allowed to maintain their businesses...cont

Are Genetically Engineered Foods Safe? GMOs have not been proven safe, and long-term health studies have not been conducted. A growing body of peer-reviewed studies has linked these foods to allergies, organ toxicity, and other health problems. These studies must be followed up. However, unlike the strict safety evaluations required for the approval of new drugs, the US Food and Drug Administration does not require safety studies for genetically engineered foods. The United Nations/World Health Organization food standards group and the American Medical Association have called for mandatory safety testing of genetically engineered foods -- a standard the U.S. fails to meet.

February 3, 2001--New Scientist
Bigger harvests, without pesticides or genetically modified crops? "Sustainable agriculture" just happens to be the biggest movement in Third World farming today, dwarfing the tentative forays in genetic manipulation.

Terminator Seeds Threaten an End to Farming
The 12,000-year-old practice in which farm families save their best seed from one year's harvest for the next season's planting may be coming to an end by the year 2000. In March 1998, Delta ~ Pine Land Co. arid the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) announced they had received a US patent on a new genetic technology designed to prevent unauthorized seed-saving by farmers.

GMOs Linked to Environmental Problems: Various environmental problems associated with genetic engineering have been well documented, including biodiversity loss, an overall increase in pesticide use, the emergence of super weeds that are threatening millions of acres of farmland, and the unintentional contamination of non-GMO and organic crops.

Monsanto Sucks, I approve this message...
Monsanto Hid Decades Of Pollution
Mon$anto'$ WoD on Ditchweed
Monsanto Buys Bee Research Firm
Help Stop the Monsanto Protection Act

Prop 37 CA RIght to Know! Label GMOs!
Thursday Aug 2nd, 2012
This August, a promotional bicycle tour hopes to fan the flames of a highly controversial issue--the labeling of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) on many packaged food products sold in California. Proposition 37, also known as the California Right to Know Genetically Engineered Food Act, would make California the first state in the country to require labeling of GMO ingredients if passed at the voting booths this November.

Soros Monsanto Connection
Monsanto crap
Food Insecurity: Monsanto
Monsanto's Love Child Cliarance
Monsanto 200,000 Indian Farmer Suicides
Roundup Ready religion: The Vatican and GMOs

Who was Opposed to Proposition 37? Not one human being has made a contribution to the campaign against Prop. 37. Instead, the campaign is funded entirely by giant pesticide and junk food companies with a track record of making false claims about the safety of their products. The “No” campaign’s two largest donors-- Monsanto and DuPont—are the same companies that told us Agent Orange and DDT were safe. Further undermining the No campaign’s credibility is the fact that its biggest funder—Monsanto—produced a series of ads supporting labeling of GMOs in Europe in the 1990s.

Monsanto Sucks.com
Monsanto Watch
Millions Against Monsanto

Toxic Drift: Monsanto and the Drug War in Colombia

Wall street's Spontaneous Abortionists

Yes on Prop 37 Endorsements Most of the major health, faith, labor, environmental and consumer groups in California, including the California Nurses Association, California Democratic Party, California Labor Federation, United Farm Workers, American Public Health Association, Consumers Union, California Council of Churches IMPACT, Sierra Club, Whole Foods Market, Natural Resources Defense Council, Organic Consumers Association, Center for Food Safety, Consumer Federation of America, Pesticide Action Network, Center for Food Safety, Environmental Working Group, Breast Cancer Fund, Mercola Health Resources, Public Citizen, MoveOn and Food Democracy Now!
Falkenbird's picture
Falkenbird 6 years 17 weeks ago

Simply being "natural" or "unnatural" is not a good test. There are many natural plants that can kill you. Even common food plants such as tomatos, potatos, kidney beans have toxic compounds. Too many to note here. See link:


Falkenbird's picture
Falkenbird 6 years 17 weeks ago

I will not reply to your diatribe when you use my quotes and label them as: "Monsatan wrote: "

That is not only rude, but perhaps violates the rules of this forum.

Monsatan wrote:Monsatan wrote:

DdC's picture
DdC 6 years 17 weeks ago

Well Monsatan it is and Monsatan it will be troll. Now ask me if I care about your corporate propaganda? Or if you like my label for ya. NO long term tests have been conducted so no government office has approved it. No links to beck your strawman. Nothing but whiny corporate denialism. Nothing new to see here... Label it. If it has to be sold with lies and denials then the consumer has no informed choices. Label it as any other packaged food product. Not that it matters since we are already labeling real food without adulterations. NO GMO! Just the thought of supporting such a corporation that has destroyed American lives and made kids sick from artificial sweeteners to pesticides tells me all I need to know about Monsatan and their trolls. Now run away little boy before I hurt your feelings.

Yes on Prop 37 Endorsements Most of the major health, faith, labor, environmental and consumer groups in California, including the California Nurses Association, California Democratic Party, California Labor Federation, United Farm Workers, American Public Health Association, Consumers Union, California Council of Churches IMPACT, Sierra Club, Whole Foods Market, Natural Resources Defense Council, Organic Consumers Association, Center for Food Safety, Consumer Federation of America, Pesticide Action Network, Center for Food Safety, Environmental Working Group, Breast Cancer Fund, Mercola Health Resources, Public Citizen, MoveOn and Food Democracy Now!

Falkenbird's picture
Falkenbird 6 years 17 weeks ago

To Moderator of Blogs:

Reson for flaging DdC was for because of violation of Terms and Conditions:

2. Altering Quotations: Do not alter the wording or make it appear as though another member had said something which they did not. DdC is quoting me as "Monsatan Wrote" . If quoting me it should be "Falkenbird Wrote".

DdC's picture
DdC 6 years 17 weeks ago

Reson? I see you're either illiterate or flustered. Calm down sparky. My opinion of Monsatan trolls are not up for debate. Yes sparky I believe you are a fucking troll! That's a Fucking troll in case you think I meant something more PC. Stop poisoning American children just for your stinking Monsatan profits. Bringing references to debunk your commercials for frankenfud is what the forum is about. Don't like it, eat some of the Monsatan shit and die. Go ahead, see if I care. This has been a public service announcement.

Dr. Bronner's Soaps ‏@DrBronner

Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps

Get out the vote Washingtonians! We are counting on all of our supporters to vote Yes on 522. Let us know how you voted. Leave a comment here if you’ve already sent in your ballot. Don’t forget your stamps if you haven’t mailed in yet. Or if you plan to drop it in a drop box, here are locations: http://www.sos.wa.gov/elections/auditors.aspx


YES on 522

Seattle Campaign HQ PhonebankingOctober 23rd, 2013 - 10:00 AM

Come join us at our campaign office for an hour or two to make calls to voters to ensure victory for I-522 in November! We'll provide food and drinks and everything you need to become an expert phonebanker!

Highway Bannering Over I-5October 23rd, 2013 - 3:30 PM

Meet on the NE 50th Street overpass of I-5.

Bellevue PhonebankOctober 23rd, 2013 - 5:00 PM

Falkenbird's picture
Falkenbird 6 years 17 weeks ago

Your vituperative remarks do not make an intellegent argument. Neither does ad hominem attacks. Sparky? Who the hell are you talking to. Hearing voices in your head?

Fact: Corn and cotton engineered to produce a natural bug killer called Bt have been clear environmental winners, reducing the amount of insecticide farmers spray on their fields.

Cotton farmers in Arizona, where the advent of GE varieties with the built-in bug killer slashed insecticide use by 80 percent. Results haven’t been so dramatic elsewhere, but Charles Benbrook, of the Center for Sustaining Agriculture and Natural Resources at Washington State University, estimates that insecticide use in the U.S. has dropped by about 123 million pounds since the new crops were introduced.


DdC's picture
DdC 6 years 17 weeks ago

Troll you wouldn't know a fact if it bit you in your abortion causing ass. You rely on Monsatan science for a profit at the cost of American lives. Many of them kids. You are a soulless creep selling poisons. Nothing more. A tick on society. Your priorities are askew that you jeopardize health for a quick buck in the name of safety. Pitiful fools are obvious. They are always selling something as sneaks or bullies and it always does harm. Wars, Selling war toys. Collateral damage, Poisons, Big Ag and Big Pharma profits Neurological diseases and cancer. Prohibitions, Kochroach prisons, pisstastes and CASSA rehabilitation asylum profits, One trillion in tax dollars spent with results worse than when it started. More wars. More Monsatan agent orange lite on Colombian kids.

You make us sick and then sell us drugs to treat it. You lie bold face and when shown your lies you slither back into denialism. NO you fucking asshole, GMO do NOT require less poisons. Only short term for a few bugs. Not all and not after they become immune and strengthened, requiring stronger pesticides the same as antibiotics you blithering idiot. You advocate poisoning people on a trolls pay? What a chump. Ask why is Monsatan trying to defeat labeling laws? What are they hiding and if it is so good, why lie? They have spent more on their campaign than the cost of labeling 3 letters G-M-O. With a track record as posted how many chances to lie do you think they should get? Saccharin, Aspartame, Frankenfud, Dioxins? Agent Orange and then how many years fighting Vets on restitution for the corporate bottom line lies and denials?

PCB's or Terminator technology? Buying bee research makes it easy to cover up their massive destruction of hives. Especially BHG in Florida, with their silent partner Latt Maxie Corp. You must be deranged to plea for such inhuman issues. Grow up and stop believing any science from the same ones making profits on the science. D'oH! So with thousands of victims and nothing but opposition to labeling or independent studies or results. The ones who said everything was safe including DDT. Lets see what google says. Now run away lil troll. Stop reading memo's and talking points and aiding and abetting crimes against humanity. The media can only censor so much for a measurable length of time. When the people realize Monsatan aborts more than clinics and causes birth defects and greater tax drains on what is preventable. Lab tests do not include humans and even the animals were showing signs of various reactions. They list it as an Insecticide for keyrist sakes. What part of eating poisons do you not understand? We don't want poisons sprayed onto crops for food or clothing and you think it would be better if it was genetically added? So we don't miss a drop?

It is time to hold the killers accountable, along with their trolls...

I gave you fair warning:
either you or your head must be OFF!
Off with their heads!
~ The Red Queen

Democracy Now! ‏@democracynow
Food Giants Spending Millions to Defeat GMO Labeling in Washington State http://bit.ly/16xXtOG

Dr. Bronner's Soaps ‏@DrBronner
Did you know that 64 countries already #LabelGMOs? WA wants the same right to know about the food we eat. If you agree RT! @YesOn522”

“@CARightToKnow: The complete text of Washington’s initiative @YesOn522 to #LabelGMOs is here: http://ow.ly/q2ro9

Rolling Stone ‏@RollingStone
See why the Republicans are pushing to decimate food-stamp programs: http://rol.st/1aaBvaB

Linda Putzel ‏@maglin2 #GMO
KRRS threatens action against #Monsanto - The Hindu

GMO Journal

US Reality Check ‏@USRealityCheck
#GMO High levels of glyphosate residues found in Argentine soy / @GMWatch http://dld.bz/cSRmj

The Threats From Genetically Modified Foods http://ow.ly/pZH7d

Brian John ‏@Angelmountain5
Pam Ronald, #GMO evangelist, has TWO papers retracted. Great science? Like hell it is. Either incompetence or fraud.

Photo results for #gmo

Organic Consumers ‏@OrganicConsumer 23 Oct

#TakeAction: Help Stop this Farm Bill Amendment that could Wipe Out State #GMO Labeling Laws http://ow.ly/pTan1

Christele Daccache ‏@christele_d
The online #GMO mini summit starts today. Register for free and learn about GMOs impact on our health and the... http://fb.me/2MHqKY8jQ

Organic Consumers ‏@OrganicConsumer
Contrary to what #Monsanto wants you to think: http://ow.ly/q770R
Scientists Declare No Consensus on #GMO Safety

AlterNet ‏@AlterNet
#Monsanto hasn't even bothered to hide the more than $4 million given to stop the #GMO labeling ballot initiative. http://ow.ly/q9baz

RT @AnonswedenInfo: Los Angeles may become largest GMO-free area in the US http://on.rt.com/m56m5s  #GMO http://dlvr.it/4BgL1g

Shelby Sebens ‏@ShelbySebens 23 Oct
Nation focuses attention on WA #gmo initiative. http://ow.ly/q78Bk

Green News Report ‏@GreenNewsReport 21 Oct
Monsanto's #GMO promises didn't reduce pesticide use in Argentina, either. Now linked to rise in serious illnesses: http://bit.ly/HdLhfb

Argentines link health problems to agrochemicals
BASAVILBASO, Argentina (AP) — Argentine farmworker Fabian Tomasi was never trained to handle pesticides.

DdC's picture
DdC 6 years 16 weeks ago

Dr. Bronner's Soaps ‏@DrBronner
“@PCC: Bill Nye @TheScienceGuy says "let's require labeling"! - @GMOFreeOregon | #Yeson522 #LabelsMatter #LabelGMOs pic.twitter.com/8c5UbuB9K9”

Allone! “@USDayofRage: Washington State Let's Do This | #YesOn522 #LabelGMOs | pic.twitter.com/mzM38MF9Hz”

We think people have a basic right to know what they are eating. Who are we fighting except entrenched interests? #YesOn522 #LabelGMOs #rt

On another level it will determine if all our food is GMO or not in the future. @AtoZanin @WFMSeattle #YesOn522

Why is #biotech fighting #GMO labels in #WA. #Greed #Power #Control . Fight back!! #YesOn522

If your food came from gene splicing tech instead of traditional breeding then your eating #GMO #YesOn522 Label!

Yum “@WFMSeattle: Here’s a special treat in support of #Yeson522 in our bakery! #labelsmatter pic.twitter.com/GkBos2qfYR”

The #FDA is asleep at the wheel so #WA voters need to pass GMO labeling. #YesOn522

Roger Christie ‏@FreeRevChristie
#YesOn522!! Washington States leads the nation on Cannabis and now #GMOs

RIght to Know! Label GMOs!

Non-GMO Project ‏@NonGMOProject
Remind your friends (and your bus driver, hair dresser, coworkers, etc!) to turn in their ballots. #yeson522 #LABELGMOs

Robyn O'Brien ‏@unhealthytruth
64 countries label GMOs in food (the US isn't one of them). Take a look at the map=> http://ow.ly/qiQaT  #YesOn522

We label fat, protein, sugar, salt & allergens in our food. Time to #LabelGMOs like our trading partners do #Yeson522 http://www.justlabelit.org

353,000 people in WA state worked to get labeling GMOs on their ballot. 5 out-of-state chemical companies are fighting it. #Yeson522 matters

Bill the Butcher ‏@theonlymeat
Phil Bereano, co-founder of AGRA-Watch: "It's about the right to know" v http://bit.ly/1aAEjKv  via @seattletimes #labelsmatter #YesOn522

Robb Kidd ‏@robb_kidd
I support companies that support my values. Do you? Thanks @DrBronner #allforone #hemp #gmo http://admin.alternet.org/drugs/hemp-returns-us-soil-after-56-years-and-...

Jen ‏@MsJenKitch
Why am I voting #yeson522? Because Monsanto has donated a whopping $5.374 MILLION to defeat it. Don't let money override your voice.

Rachel ‏@RachelsNews
@GMOInside #YesOn522 @UncleBoer I'm Not a Science Experiment,Washington Vote #YesOn522 for food safety,Label GMOs ! pic.twitter.com/87X68F7OH7

Whole Foods Market ‏@WFMSeattle
“It’s a fallacy…it’s going to drive up costs to consumers” says @WholeFoods #yeson522 http://bit.ly/WFMsupports522

We're winding down w/ our last question! Keep tweeting to win a few giveaways from @unhealthytruth @drbronner and @wholefoods! #YesOn522

GMO Inside ‏@GMOInside
RT When it comes to the chemical industrys genetically engineered ingredients in our food, food companies should stand w/consumers #yeson522

Lil Stella Marie ‏@lilstellamarie
Monsanto is #1 financial backer for ads against WA I-522 to Label GMO. People aren't stupid. We know what's going on @TheRealRoseanne pls RT

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