I am a Democrat from a Democratic family. That means I have been a leftist/liberal/progressive/Democrat for 74 years which, I believe, qualifies me to speak out. And I say that Thom Hartmann must stop his attacks on President Obama. Yes, I too want single payer, government control of corporate excesses, firing of Emmanuel, Geithner, Summers, and most of the rest of Thom's program. But Thom has to realize that his attacks on Obama are helping ensure that our next president will be Palin/Paul or something like them. Do you rmember what we got when the Thom Hartmanns of that era decided that Hubert Horatio Humphrey was not pure enough for them? Hillary might have been a stronger president but it is too late for that now. And Sanders, Kusinich, Waxman, or anyone like them will never get elected, given the number of center/right Democrats weakening our side. Thom must realize what the right learned 12 years ago: if you want to win, you never attack your own side regardless of how wrong they may be, and you never praise your enemy's side regardless how right they may be. Unfortunately, that is the only way one wins elections in the US these days. If Thom is not ready to cut Obama some slack, he should save his criticism for his books and give up his time on Air America to someone who can accept that a half a loaf is better than no loaf at all.


Novemberfox's picture
Novemberfox 9 years 36 weeks ago

Thom is Right! Obama has taken the Clinton's republican play book and put it on steroids. Even Clinton says it was a mistake. I guess two wrongs make a rightee.

GreenMule's picture
GreenMule 9 years 36 weeks ago

Fanerke! Keep up! Your creepy crawly humble spineless yahsa massa cowardly groveling in poopy pants attitude has made my nose run and my eyes bleed. It is whatever Thom Hartmann says it is. Cut 'Obama' some slack? You should cut yourself some slack -ear to ear.

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