I'm getting tired of hearing about how the Federal Government is subsidizing and bailing out, funding projects and programs, ect. The Federal Government is not a money making Corporation that funds these programs. The Federal Government collects monies from working class people and redistributes money, period.

So from now on, I want to hear the Corporate owned media reporting on the Taxpayer funded Subsidies, Taxpayer funded Programs, Taxpayer funded projects, and Taxpayer funded bailouts. Maybe the populous will see the bigger picture.

Entitlements? Yes we pay for them too. I pay into these every hour I work, and would do so willingly. I don't care if it's a relative, neighbor, friend, someone disabled, or a person that has been led down a bad road. These programs have been put in place to make our communities a better place to live. If you don't believe in this, I don't want you in my community.

Any cuts in these programs is nonsense. Better jobs equal more income tax and more sales tax and more buying power can solve the need for cuts.


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lifesize 4 years 33 weeks ago

since reagan, there's been a relentless push to dismantle roosevelt-era programs and johnson's later ones. one of the absurdities is questioning such "entitlements" as social security, while not seeing bonuses paid by money-losing corps. as entitlements, or the fed bond buying program as an entitlement favoring the rich (stockholders).

the same gang have also attacked govt. programs as unhelpful (reagan's mocking "we're from the govt. and we're here to help," as if fed and state actions DIDN'T help, and often). reality lesson to private-sector zealots: no nasa, no spacex or satellite tv; no interstate highway system, no walmart, costco, etc.; no transcontinental railroad (built with private money, but made plausible by govt. grants of right of way and trackside property; no g.i. bill, no professional careers for millions of returning w.w. 2 servicemen.

so its been a shameless shifting of wealth, masked as market realism and freedom. there's nothing wrong with taxes; we're not supposed to pay them joyfully, but willingly.

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