EVERYONE on FreeSpeechTV keeps talking about how many voters he will take away from Clinton, making Trump's road easier. This is a fallacy. Bernie has already drawn many Republican voters to his campaign. There is absolutely no evidence to suggest that he cannot draw more voters away from Trump than he does from Clinton, and can dominate with Independents.

If you are FreeSpeechTV, you must represent this point of view as well. I realize that Thom is only broadcasting over this network and he and all of the commentators are doing what they think is the most judicious thing. But FreeSpeechTV is quickly becoming the Democratic Party Channel the same way Air America Radio did back in '08. If you don't represent ALL views from ALL people on the left, including the POLITICAL REVOLUTION, this channel it going to go the way of the DO DO. It may not disappear for the same reason as Air America, but it could happen nonetheless. As a frequent supporter of the channel, I am the first to say that I would not want to see that come to pass.




vegan3@peoplepc.com 3 years 44 weeks ago

Can’t tell Bernie what to do, but I would enthusiastically sign such a petition.

The petition that I would like would demand that Hillary back out… She is by no means a guaranteed win against any of the Rs; Bernie pretty much is.

Personally, I would rather see Trump in the Whitehouse than Hillary; not because he is suited for the job, well there’s no way I can defend Trump, but Hillary is ‘more of the same’ and I can’t stand the thought of being inundated by her lies and antiquated behavior every day for years. She has behaved with a conspicuous lack of dignity throughout the primary. Very distasteful.

It’s just a selfish, personal thing on my part, but her awful rudeness and disingenuous yuck has left a very sour taste in my mouth… I’m done with Hillary.

If Hillary successfully steals the nomination, at least I can take a break, stop campaigning, for a while, and just let it all happen.

HighnInside 3 years 44 weeks ago

Vegan3 Good Post I Agree.....

Instant-RunOff-... 3 years 44 weeks ago

Trump could bring down the Repub establishment, and that is a good thing. Privately the Repug establishment wants Clinton to win rather than Trump. They will and are using every dirty trick in the book to ensure Trump doesn't win the nomination, just as Hillary and her corporate establishment team is using devious, underhanded actions to defeat Bernie. Repug or Dem establishment, they are all corporate cronies and essentially sociopaths. No conscience.

Jeebbo's picture
Jeebbo 3 years 44 weeks ago

OF COURSE a third-party Bernie run would siphon off more Democratic votes than Republican ones. Sure, there would be some Republicans who would vote for Bernie, but there would be many more Democrats. What you are going to do is give us President Trump, or President Cruz. That is a prospect too horrible to contemplate. Hillary is far from perfect, but a much larger proportion of your concerns are going to be met in a Hillary Clinton administration than in a Ted Cruz one. Or in a Donald Trump one. Bernie's about a thousand times better than any of those snake-oil salesmen on the Republicon side, but Hillary is also about a hundred times better. If you don't like Hillary and she gets the Democratic nomination, you should hold your nose and vote for her anyway. -- Ron

turn_left_@_the _light's picture
turn_left_@_the... 3 years 44 weeks ago

I signed both petitions, as should every *true* Progressive here in this community.
AND whatever you do people, keep making donations to Bernie's campaign. Let him know that we are NOT giving up on him or the movement.

#BernieOrBust 2016

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