While it is easy to agree that high speed internet should be a right, it has one glaring problem that the Supreme Court needs to settle.

The use of broadband can be a way of tracking individuals, especially as Google proposes it. A job applicant, after this ifrastructure is in place, walks into a coorporation greeting room, and in the time it takes them to fill out the job application, cameras employing facial recognition software identify the applicant. Using that information, a coorporately prepared dossier is transmitted at the speed of light to the human resource department.

When the applicant affixes a signature to their application, HR already has all they need to know about the person, and can determine how worthy the individual is to society, and how much trouble they will be to the company. As the applicant hands their application to the receptionist, their fate has already been decided, and there is nothing they can do about the decision.

This individual is also screened when they walk into Emporium-Capwells for a business suit. All manner of security information will be relayed to the store staff by broadband, once again using facial recognition software. In another decade, this person can be identified as a bad person, and store security will deny entry. Once again, because the databases used are cooporate, there will be nothing the prospective shopper can do about the decision. If the shopper raises a protest, they will be arrested and prosecuted to the fullest extent for tresspassing, or worse.


Zenzoe 9 years 17 weeks ago

Yeah. I spent most of the day dealing with God, that is, Google, on one or another internet issue.

I tried Picasa. I then found out Google has all my pics from my various blogs in folders there; and if I delete any of those in Picasa, they are deleted from my computer!

Then some real estate agent emailed me—found me because I searched homes in my area (not for myself)! How did he get my email address? I didn't leave it anywhere on those pages.

Well, it's all been rather a lot of petty stuff, compared to the issues raised by Gary. "Don't sweat the small stuff?" What about, "Death by a thousand cuts?"

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