Maybe the the higher taxes are opposed because they might generate enough income for the government to provide services to its citizens. How can government be drowned in a bathtub if it is viable and providing for the commons?


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mgbeyer 9 years 15 weeks ago

The story by the commentators on MSNBC is that Dems, like Feingold and Grayson, lost the election because the election process is completely national now. THAT'S A LIE! All Politics is Local! The Dems lost because people are tired of their TAXES GOING UP! We/you counter with Obama's biggest tax cut in history. THEY DONT CARE!!! Every bit of that "tax cut" was eaten up by the increases in our employer-supplied insurance premiums. We NEVER saw it!

People only care about LOCAL TAXES!! They care about property taxes and sales taxes. They care about their school districts coming back and asking for more money every two years. They care about "special assessments" to fund infrastructure. ALL ON THE LOCAL LEVEL. The Democrats MUST get the message across that the Republicans are to blame for this! They need to drive home the fact that their taxes increased because 1) Pres Bush gutted the budget for education, infrastructure and social services in the name of tax cuts. 2) That resulted in a higher burden for the states who also cut education, infrastructure and social servies. 3) This resulted in a higher burden on the localities who have NO ONE TO PASS THE COSTS ON TO! Therefore, their property taxes and sales taxes go up. Fuel taxes go up. Cable and cell phone taxes go up. Cigarette taxes go up. License plate fees go up. Schools are coming back to the communities every two years to pass another bond issue for short-term funding!! THIS IS WHAT PEOPLE CARE ABOUT. IT WASNT A MANDATE FOR REPUBLICANS. It was short-term memory loss by the seniors (in this state) who don't understand economics, do not have college educations and have no access to Progressive radio or MSNBC because of the rural nature of our state. The young people did NOT come out to vote because they don't pay taxes yet if they dont own a house or pay their own bills. If they do, they have families and young children and two jobs, so they can't find time to vote. They are too busy trying to keep their heads above water. Do you know how many people in this county, in this nation for that matter, are driving without registrations, driver's licenses and insurance? THEY CAN'T AFFORD IT! The fines are cheaper!

That is what Russ Feingold DID NOT DO. He ignored the complaints about taxes and tried to justify all the good things the government did with the money. Obviously, it didnt work!

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