This is a little hypothetical scenario I came up with a few years ago to illustrate why I believe we are already living in the world Sci-Fi writers warned us about.

Night of the Living Dead, The Terminator, You name it…

(I always tell people "The Matrix" is the greatest Documentary ever made).

The story:

A mega oil company is polluting a country with their drilling and people's children are getting sick & dying. The people protest & death squads are sent in to silence them & keep the oil money flowing.

The CEO of this company has a sudden spiritual awakening & realizes the company is doing wrong. He vows to change things & begin doing business in a responsible manner.

The headline in the paper the next day is Not:

"Oil Co CEO vows to change years of oppressive policy"

The Headline simply reads:

"New CEO tapped to head oil company"

If the CEO of a company can’t change that company’s policies, who can?

I use this example to demonstrate just how uncontrollable our little corporate entity creations have become.

We live in a sci-fi world populated by deadly, out-of-control, monsters right NOW! (and have been for generations).

Our laws are so insanely structured that “doing the right thing” (with regard to protecting life on our planet) could subject you to legal penalties if it interferes with shareholders profits…

Here’s an idea for the poster. Maybe an artist could make up some good graphics..?

We created it.

Now it’s unstoppable & out of control.

And it’s destroying our world!

Sadly, You don’t need to go to a theater, just look outside.

The corps may be alive, but they’re NOT People.


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prince0751 5 years 33 weeks ago

A mega oil company is polluting a country with their drilling and people's children are getting sick & dying.


Alberto Ceras 5 years 33 weeks ago

Horror, certainly. According to the 2011 revision of the United Nations World Population Prospects report Afghanistan is 194th on the list for infant mortality at 144.01 per 1,000 live births. The infant mortality rate (IMR) is the number of deaths of infants under one year old per 1,000 live births. The U.S. has done a great job there, hasn't it? A few more Sgt. Bales and that rate could really become impressive. Horror, indeed, sponsored and underwritten by ole deep pockets himself, your kindly Uncle Sam.

But no doubt things are getting better. Why, just a day or so ago I saw a T.V. news clip of his popeness kissing a plump and healthy baby from the open window of his ultra bullet proofed limo.

What's that? No, no. He wasn’t exactly in Afghanistan. I think he was in one of those countries where the corporate image has been slipping - a sort of impromptu gig, a “Lift the Spirits” tour prior to kicking off the SACAPS campaign (Stop All Condum And Pill Sales campaign) that he and the red hatters have dreamed up. A historical note: Originally it was to be called Stop All Pill And Condom Trade (SAPACT) but then old red shoes got a hurried call from the C.E.O.

Condum? No, that's not a typo. It's the way they want it. A sort of an in joke, you see. Con-dum, a little play on words, "con the dumb." Get it?

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