Donald Trump's move to put Exxon/Mobil's Rex Tillerson in charge of "our" US State Deptartment is actually The Most Honest appointment in modern US history! You can call Trumpf a hypocrite for not doing what he campaigned on -- but putting the largest Oil Company in charge of our US foreign policy IS what this country has been about for 50+ years. As much as I despise it, Why Lie..?


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zapdam 1 year 42 weeks ago

Nice try Gibson, i cant really tell if youre trying to bullshit us or yourself, quoting Gibbon "move to put Exxon/Mobil's Rex Tillerson in charge of "our" US State Deptartment is actually The Most Honest appointment in modern US history!"

Rex Tillerson ran a company that still roams the planet using the power of their amassed war chest to corrupt governments, including yours, defile the planet and target individual countries for irresponsible exploitation, including yours. Tillerson was part and parcel of a company that for four decades funded a worldwide disinformation campaign about global overheating. This is the man that would put his own advancement and personal income and company profits before the welfare of your grandchildren and their children and the inevitable mass destruction of our planet. Decisions he was responsible for carrying out and funding will in time lead to the deaths of million environmental refugees and that makes Mr Tillerson a mass murderer in waiting. So don't try putting lip stick on this PIG ,Gibbon. Gibbon 2016 has become the hottest year in recorded history ,as every year in the last couple of decades. The tipping point to runaway global overheating may already been past and Mr Tillerson worked for a company and finally lead a company for over 40 years , that knowingly lied and hit facts that have brought us to this potentially catastrophic point. Placing this man who should best be described as sociopath in charge of the US State Department of the most powerful nation on earth, would would be a reward for doing the devils work. Rex Tillerson should be in jail, not in charge of an important US governmental position, even in Drumpf's looney regime.

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humanitys team 1 year 42 weeks ago

Anything made from Hydrocarbons can just as easily be made from carbohydrates in vegetable crops Hemp .

The earths resources do not belong to any individual or corporation but to all its people .And in any evolving society would be shared for the prosperity for all .Why ? Because it's what works it's a question of functionality not morality as that's a moveable feast .

We have chemicalized the planet for too long now there will be consequences ...nature is not the enemy we are merely to work in harmony with her sustain her be responsible be good stewards and renew the resources .Hemp could replace so many nonrewneable resources . Why do we not grow this miraculous plant .....look to see who would lose if we did.So to the common good is mostly forgotten in the need for profit and short term survival. We have the manufacturing of poverty with the tools of greed.

Folks we have the blind leading the blind ....where are the wisest leaders and most enlightened amongst us ?


Gibbon 1 year 42 weeks ago

Yes, I was being, partially, facetious. I understand there is a Tremendous difference between John (Heinz) Kerry or Hillary, and a MONSTER like Tillerson. That said, US policy has, during the modern age, been fixated on the accumulation and waste of oil to protect said oil. So while I was, once again, not articulating my true feelings accurately I was really trying to raise a question and evoke responses. In that regard: mission accomplished. What parts of the US legacy of Oil Murder should we confront in order to acknowledging our rejection -- Not just of Tillerson -- but of the entire US Foreign (Oil-Driven) policies? Israel, Saudi Arabia..??? That's before we even begin to address the horror of Climate Change. What I was, inaccurately, stating was how I believe Tillerson can bring to a head the OVERALL Evil of US foreign (OIL) policy. Too much of what this country does IS motivated by Oil profits, Death and Destruction.

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k. allen 1 year 42 weeks ago

Right this minute, I'm concerned about life-water protectors at Standing Rock, and other locations that have been named, but not mentioned ... often ... enough ...

the law is rewritten as we speak ...

Here and now ...

who will guard the lives
of those who dare to stand,
willing to die for this cause?

... who is the hero ...
who will serve truth
and honor sacred laws ...?

Do these folks have to die to prove the obvious?

Legend 1 year 42 weeks ago

State Department Career Senior Staff employees told to pack it up.

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