Only an imbecile could deny the obvious Man-made Climate Breakdown we are currently witnessing.
Even the phony "REALity Show" Donald and the [unholy] wholly-Owned Republickans can't be so ignorant. To lie and feign such absurd stupidity requires sociopathic [anti-people] greedy Evil.
I can draw a box and a cake. Beyond that I'm lost -- but I'm hoping a talented cartoonist might draw a panel to get under the paper-thin skin of the "potus"...

A picture of Exxon/Mobile (or fossil fuels in general) depicted as a Male
Standing behind the "orange punk" who has his pants down below his knees and is bent over kneeling with flabby 71-year-old buttocks spread.
As our foolish clown prince / "president" receives the oily prick he states (in the caption balloon):
"Yes, Master, Climate Breakdown is a Chinese Hoax..." Or some such thing.

Perhaps "Mr. Coal" (etc...) could be lined up behind "Mr. Oil" as funnel clouds and debris swirl in the background..?

That's how to Play a Fool. I just can't draw worth a damn or I'd do it myself.
Let's Shame the Donald; using icons he regards as shameful.
Imagine the consequences if this insecure child of KKK Trump senior saw a comic panel like that...
Rex Tillerson might be fired immediately on impulse...

Have fun BUTT Don't put My name (or Yours) on it. A picture speaks 1000 words.

I'd like to start the Thom Hartmann Political Cartoon of the week initiative -- but I don't know how thrilled Thom would be with that idea. It would probably require a dedicated site..?


Kilosqrd's picture
Kilosqrd 42 weeks 3 days ago

No Gibbon,

Only an imebecile like you believes that the climate that we humans have enjoyed over the past 200 years is earth's "normal" climate despite the fact that the earth is billions of years old.


Gibbon 41 weeks 5 days ago

I wouldn't even know where to begin with your programmed ignorant trolling ass. If you are Truly this stupid and not just a psychopath doing it for profit to sell out your grandchildren for a dime then I can only hope someday you stop being this stupid, and quote Mr T: "I pity the fool." Grow up, punk.

Gibbon 41 weeks 1 day ago

My apologies Mr. K2 Kobach. May your middle initial also be a 'K' perhaps..? K^2=KK

Kris (K?) Kobach..? KKK ?

You Are FUNNY, lad.

:>O (BUTT with thart face You're Hired! And, Arrrgh!, Thart be a HIGH Blow, Maytee! -- For You -- I be pretty Tall, m'lass. And I kneeds me sum suckken larv. Lick me peg leg w'ya Lass? Just one maire thyme, my lardy/boy -- 'fore it's yore turn back in the barrel, cum Marnin', and we'll all get a good poke at You den..?).

Here's a strip of flag to wipe yerself, boy.

Gibbon 41 weeks 20 hours ago

Aye. Kilo-Squared / Pillow-Scared. Methinks Ya Love me. Or doth ya protest too much? Feel free to Bite that pillow if it comes on too hard...

There are lots of Homosexuals, like yerself, who deny their infatuations...

Kawl me and I'll let you practice yer male-on-male love-makin' skills. I'd love to feel the pleasure on me knob and I can always use a refresher, myself...

Thank you.

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