"Asking about Ferguson: Ain't I a man?" by John W. Fountain, Chicago Sun-Times



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Palindromedary 5 years 12 weeks ago

When some people stop committing so many crimes they might just have a chance at being viewed, by others, with some dignity and acceptance. The problem is that so many of certain groups commit so many crimes they just don't earn the right to be looked at by law abiding citizens as worthy of respect. People, even cops, develop attitudes, I might say defensive attitudes, against them. Their lives depend on it. The law-abiding members of that group deserves all of the dignity and acceptance that anyone else gets.

Even though you might like dogs, most people are afraid of Pitbulls. Why? because Pitbulls are almost always the ones that attack people and do great damage to them. Some people love and defend Pitbulls and say that it's not the dog but the owners who are to blame for Pitbulls being mean. That may not always be the case. Maybe Pitbulls have an inherent mean streak that can erupt at any moment. Like road rage, people can snap and act in a manner that they may be sorry for later. And all dogs can have a fit of temper, I suppose, but it is the size and power, not to mention the ripping-flesh incisors that can do great damage to a person, that people are afraid of. And so, many people, if they see a big Pitbull in the street, will do a little bit of "profiling" and take evasive measures to avoid the possibility of being attacked.

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