The removal of the confederate monuments in New Orleans is long overdue. In fact, all such monuments celebrating the confederacy should be removed along with all State flags that have the St. Andrews Cross because they are disguised confederate battle flags. On this Memorial Day it should be remembered that the finest army this country ever raised and arguably the finest army in history was Abraham Lincoln’s Union army. This army composed of farmers, clerks, mill workers, city dwellers, ex slaves and immigrants most of whom initially didn’t know how to use their weapons properly and were plagued by inept commanders, crushed a two hundred year-old slaveocracy at great cost including the life of their commander in chief. They took the field against a horde of armed traitors, fanatics and press-ganged unfortunates who were well schooled in the art of brutality and barbarity against defenseless people. The smashing of the slave power in 1865 transformed the promise of this country from one of hypocrisy to one of reality and made it the light of the world. The monuments to Mr. Lincoln’s Army should not just be throughout the South but all over the world. In contrast, the criminal ringleaders of the so-called confederacy not only escaped the richly deserved noose but also were allowed to die in their beds. Jeff Davis tried to escape dressed in women’s clothing and none of his gang fought to the death as they swore they would. That is where the catch phrase “Whistling Dixie” originated. The argument that this is some kind of “heritage” is not only specious but also inaccurate. The Nazis took on the British Empire, the French Empire, the Soviet Union and the United States at the same time and held them off for six years. Since a number of these Nazis were brought to this country after the war by this reasoning their descendants should be allowed to celebrate their “heritage”. Treason, the defense of slavery and mass extermination should not be celebrated in any fashion and certainly not by monuments in public spaces at taxpayers’ expense.


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Gaius 2 years 27 weeks ago

Too much Pixie dust, Jack? In 1866 the bankers who started the war and benefited from it could still buy slaves in NYC, Baltimore and Boston. Considering all that you have swallowed, perhaps you need some Pepto?


rs allen 2 years 27 weeks ago

Slavery was made illegal

in Mass. - 1783

in NY - 1827

in Maryland - 1864

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