We live in a time in America where the landed gentry, the well heeled, the rich and powerful make no apologies for thumbing their noses at the great un-washed. They openly display their un-checked power to buy off elected officials.

We have nobody to blame but ourselves. Many of us watched it all happen since Reagan thinking that it couldn't turn out this bad....another large group of us eagerly embraced the message that government is BAD and also brought back the old adage....What's good for GM is good for America....bring it back in SPADES!!!

We have nobody to blame but ourselves. And now, we seem to have passed the point of no return and we're falling headlong into neo-feudalism....a 21st century version of Dickens Oliver Twist or A Christman Carol...."More please, sir".

We have nobody to blame but ourselves. We bicker among each other over gays, and abortion, and guns.....all the while the banksters peek around the curtain with sinister grins, laughing at us.

We have nobody to blame but ourselves. Seriously, we've done this or allowed it to be done.

We haven't suffered enough, obviously. let's all vote Republican and Tea Party in 2014...let's push the needle over the red line and smash the hammer into our collective foreheads.

Who's with me?? (face palm)


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