"Tell me, would ye, this "coin" they's calls it, if ye had it in your pocket, where would ye change it? Now, ye couldn't buy beer nor tobachee."

The Constitution states it is one of the powers of Congress to "coin the money of the land, regulate the value thereof, and of foreign coin," the definition of sovereign currency, which the writers of the Constitution obviously intended. But this power was given to the Federal Reserve, a cartel of private banks with a thin veneer of Federal regulation. Because the language of the Constitution uses the term coin, the coins, pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters, are to this day actually sovereign money, unlike the money supply itself which is bank issued debt. The trillion dollar platinum coin will be sovereign money. So that's a good thing. They ought to make a whole lot of 'em, give a few to China, pay off that debt, find a way to change 'em, and pay every government contract, and every government salary, like Lincoln did with the green back, the sovereign money he issued because he didn't want to pay the bankers' interest to finance the Civil War.


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