How many people have died in wars the United States has prosecuted since WW2? It difficult to count. War kills people in many ways. They die directly in combat or as civilian deaths due to military action, or they may have died of more indirect causes. Its a complicated picture that requires lengthy study. Many scholars and institution have performed much research to find answers to the question. A low estimate is somewhat above one million for the Vietnam War. The Vietnamese government puts the number around 3,000,000. In the Korean war estimates run up close to a million with wide variation between sources from the US Defense Dept. to the Chinese. puts the total number of deaths from American wars after WW2 at 10,000,000 or higher. This figure includes deaths in Cambodia and Laos during the Vietnam era. Proxy wars like those in Angola, Congo, East Timor, Sudan and others have huge additional casualties perhaps totaling higher than 10,000,000.

here is one website dealing with the question:

Injury, property damage, loss of infrastructure, loss of natural habitat, and the psychological toll on the "victors," victims, survivors, is beyond reckoning. To say nothing can be done is like saying there will always be slavery, or there is nothing you can do about climate change.

Why talk about it? Because so many have no idea of the scale of US war making.


Alberto Ceras 2's picture
Alberto Ceras 2 6 years 47 weeks ago

Thanks, hans net. The U.S.’s disregard for the lives and well-being of “the other” is well known. Perhaps the most telling example – not in sheer numbers but in gross bureaucratic cold-bloodedness - is this:

The Atomic Bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

By Jennifer Rosenberg, Guide

I understand that your focus is on post WW2, hans net, but that war was essentially over before these two horrors occurred and so they might legitimately be included. Thousands killed and horribly maimed to send a message. And Uncle isn’t done yet. Iraq, Afghanistan and now Iran in the cross hairs.

hans nel 6 years 47 weeks ago

thanks Alberto,

WW2 was just an arbitrary division based upon my age which is 60. I remember Vietnam. I almost went there as a draftee. I saw the famous image of the tiny girl with the burning napalm on her back, and the one of a casual excution of a Viet Cong general on tv when these things happened. The war making prior to my arbitrary line is equally important, and the war making by other countries is also excluded simply as a device because some limits are needed to give some idea of scale. By saying this is OUR war making, United States war making, one could hope to break thru some of the denial, that same denial that allows the atmosphere of the great mother of us all to be destroyed while business goes on as usual.

Alberto Ceras 2's picture
Alberto Ceras 2 6 years 46 weeks ago

hans nel, I remember and will never forget neither the image of that young girl nor the TV execution. I happened to be in Vietnam when the My Lai story broke. That changed my life. I just finished reading Denis Johnson's absorbing novel called "Tree of Smoke" about the CIA and the Viet Nam war.

I believe you mentioned, hans nel, that you are a carpenter, a cabinet maker. I, too, was both while active in the theater and have continued to enjoy the work while retired. There's nothing like solitary, creative manual labor for improving the mind and for analyzing and solving troublesome problems. In fact I just finished hanging - rehanging - a bathroom door that a fellow botched.

Yes, people need to acknowledge these horrors committed in their name (and still being committed) by the U.S. We have to break through the denial as you say. Keep up the posts.

Casualties that we haven't mentioned include citizens of the U.S. The country is now, has been for some time, controlled by the CIA. You don’t think the CIA runs the U.S.A.? Think again. Read this for just one example:

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