It seems to be called either "Beach Haven Race Hate" or "Beach Haven ain't my home." Apparently, Guthrie sign a least with Fred's company and later found out the building was restricted against African-Americans. It refers to "old man Trump" in its chorus. It an interesting bit of trivia. Several folks singers have posted versions of it on YouTube.


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demandside 2 years 19 weeks ago

American exceptionalism presents an election made in hellby William Blum e-mail: marc1seed@yahoo.comHillary could add a few years to her card by giving all her support to Bernie. She would spare herself and the country myriad conflicts of interest speculations and trials.American exceptionalism presents an election made in hell
by William Blum, March 11, 2016


John MacArthur on the 2016 Presidential Election28.Jul.2016 05:57

John MacArthur

link John MacArthur is the editor of Harpers.

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madness of kings 2 years 19 weeks ago

You know Helen you are quite a knowlegable intelligent woman. Just when i think you are a dingbat, you pull a nugget of interesting information and lay it out quite well, of course this post not really being one of them.

I like your previous post "Should we return to the Democratic Party my grandfather help Humphrey break?" much better. In fact i've become kind of a 'Helen groupie'. Keep posting , you might just morph into a web site literary giant.

I think your age, again your intelligence, your background and your privileged whiteness in American society, makes you at times an extraordinary read, kind of a time capsule of 60 years of Americana. I'm not kidding, i think each and every time you do post , you seem to be getting better.

Helen Willis 2 years 19 weeks ago

Thank you,

You are very kind. I found the Guthrie song when looking up Huey Long. Long I think was probably a monster. He certainly was a segregationist and a racist, but some of his speeches on economics sound much like Sanders. I think he was sort of the godfather of southern progressive thought. I was wondering if a Huey Long minus the corruption and racism could make inroads in the white working class, especially in the south. Ann Richardson perhaps was a sort of non racist sane female Huey Long.

Thank you for your kindness again.

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zapdam. 2 years 19 weeks ago

Helen i'm commenting here, because i hope a few of these people will get a chance to read some of your fine posts, before they slide off this page into internet oblivion. Many times i don't necessarily agree with them, but they are still for the most part very well written.

Here's a fine example "Should we return to the Democratic Party my grandfather help Humphrey break?"

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