Friday: 11-12-2010

This is the second time I'm making this point for you, Thom Hartmann. On 10-27-2010, I made this point, and today you had a 63 year old woman caller who made the same point your caller "Marcus" made on 10-27.


You're smart Thom - we all know that. But what good are your words without real action behind them? Talk - EVEN INTELLIGENT, LOGICAL, WELL REASONED TALK - is cheap. We are where we are today because everybody is talking and nobody is acting - except the so-called "T-Party". Please quit copping out by stating that they are funded and we are not. SO WHAT? SO LET'S GET FUNDED! Your 63 year old lady caller had more guts than you do, sorry to say. But you have the power of the mic. So does Palin. So does Armey. So does Morris. But they use their voice to motivate people to action.

You like ending your television show with the words, "Get out there, show up, let your voice be heard!"

Get out where? Show up where? Let our voices be heard where? Mine isn't even heard on this blog. It isn't heard on any of the blogs. It's just another voice "talking" to other ears who are copping out with "The opposition is funded, we are not."

BULL! Read my solution below.

Wednesday: 10-27-2010 - Listening to the Thom Hartmann show on Dish TV channel 9415 (Free Speech TV). Most of the show today was dedicated to discussing the disastrous results of the Citizens United case, and the who, what, where, why and when of the dangers of corporate takeover of the U.S. political system.

A caller named Marcus wanted to know why the Democrats (and liberals, progressives, etc.) could not have their own corporate forces aligned to fight against those on the right. Thom's response was that "we" did not have any corporate billionaires to contribute to our cause, compared to the many contributing to the "Tea Party" movement on the right. THOM?? You, sir, are a brilliant historian, and brilliant in many other areas affecting our daily lives. But I have found in my 6 decades on earth that sometimes the most brilliant among us are not necessarily the most creative among us. LET'S GET CREATIVE.

Thom did not mention, but most of us already know that the forces aligned on the right also have their own media outlet through Fox Network. This is a major boost. The billionaires can contribute to the "causes" of the Tea Party, but without a messenger to draft the volunteer army, their money would be wasted.



Which major voices do we have in MEDIA representing our viewpoints?

1. Thom Hartmann
2. Laura Flanders
3. Amy Goodman
4. Ed Schultz
5. Keith Olbermann

6. Rachel Maddow
7. Dylan Ratigan
8. Katrina vanden Huevel
9. Arianna Huffington

There are many more, but the list above are most prominent. Numbers 4, 5 & 6 are on corporate sponsored television / radio. Using MSNBC to spread the progressive word in the same way Fox spreads the conservative word seems to be out of the question.

BUT: Numbers 1, 2 & 3 on the list above have more freedom with Link TV and Free Speech TV. And numbers 7 & 8 own two of the most highly visible online and print outlets for the progressive cause.


Obvious answer: MONEY.


Do we need billionaires to fund the voices listed above (and many more talented individuals not listed here)?


All we need IS A CORPORATION! with 50 - 100 million shareholders.

I live in Missouri ("Misery" as I prefer to call it) - a state which is highly conservative. The cost to form a Non-profit corporation in Missouri is $25. YES - TWENTY FIVE DOLLARS.

Imagine 50 million liberals each with a $10 share in a non-profit corporation whose specific purposes are:

1. to buy elections, just like our right wing counterpart is now doing
2. to lobby Washington, D.C. to make sure we get things we not only want, but need, e.g. "UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE".

I own a web server which is lightning fast, and has lots of space for which liberal, progressive, Democratic voices can organize and communicate. For those who do not know how to build their own websites, I can setup WordPress blogs, which are very easy to use, and allow communication between the site owner and the visitors to the site.

For those wanting more than a blog, but still do not know how to develop websites, I can setup CMS (Content Management Systems), such as Drupal sites ( is designed using Drupal) or Joomla sites (see one of my Joomla sites for an example:

For those with design skills, I can offer the space and bandwidth to let you get the message out in the way you work best.

The cost to you for the above? $0. YES: ZERO DOLLARS. My donation to the cause.

I'm improvising this as I write, inspired by Thom's negative response to Marcus' call on today's show, so cut me a little slack here if this blog entry seems somewhat disorganized. A simple outline of how I envision we might fight back with our own corporate money:

1. Form a non-profit corporation (I can do this in Missouri for $25).
2. Have the Board of Directors consist of brilliant, highly visible progressive voices (some of which are listed above).
3. Include attorneys and accountants who wish to join the effort for help with legal / accounting matters.
4. Build a web site network where people can learn about the corporation & purchase shares if interested in fighting back.
A. The website will provide complete transparency for shareholders, so that all may know how much money is taken in, and
where it is used.
B. People can
subscribe for email updates & blog membership and, if interested, sign up for their own free blog or web
5. Use, where possible, Free Speech TV and Link TV to report the news. Create new programming specifically for this
corporate effort.
6. Use the corporate funds to support liberal, progressive, Democratic perspectives.

It's easy enough to offer shares of the corporation online. Imagine 50 million people each with one $10 share. I'm no math genius, but there's a half billion right there, right?

Isn't it time we quit talking about it, and did something about it?


makuck's picture
makuck 8 years 44 weeks ago

That would be great if progressive individuals could buy into a progressive agenda corporation. It would really need a group of prominent leaders though, like you say, to catapult it instantly into the spotlight, because like Rupert Murdoch lost 500million on Hannidy before he started making a cent, we wouldn't have that instant capital unless we did have that group of prominent leaders that people trusted advertising the stock option, and then they are putting their names and reputations on the line.

It's not just an already wealthy CEO using a fraction of their wealth, it's peoples entire careers. It's a shame most of the leaders don't seem that willing to collaborate, they all seem happy in their niche of moderate success. Would they be stronger or weaker if they took up a shared investment/interest? I could see it getting ugly.. too many chiefs. The left has never marched in lock step like the right does.

We have a start, we have little niche markets, and some national niches as well, but we don't have the complete coverage.. like Rush has 10 stations in the midwest playing constantly.

I wonder what the cost would be to buy an AM radio station to broadcast more left wing talk, like just a low amp signal on a 10 mile spread? In the midwest if Rush has 10 stations, it seems like they are trying to buy up all the frequencies to block out competition potentially coming from the left. To get a frequency you have to bid against other parties who desire it.. and they would almost certainly be from the corporate right. An individual would find it very hard I imagine. The only way to do it is like you said.. get the chiefs on the left to march in lock step on a co-op for the people.

hgovernick's picture
hgovernick 8 years 44 weeks ago
Would they be stronger or weaker if they took up a shared investment/interest?

It seems Sarah Palin has become stronger since she put her "career" as Governor on the line, and took up a shared investment/interest in the "Tea Party Express". How long her strength will hold up is anyone's guess.

But from my perspective, if progressives do not take a stand now - banding together, pooling funds to fight the moneyed interests who are generating anger against the President, then capitalizing on the anger they create by funding the various Tea Party factions across the country - we will disappear, possibly forever.

I have been a subscriber to several Tea Party sites since their appearance, shortly after Rick Santelli's televised Wall Street rant. I've been a spy. I've been permanently suspended from some of them, only to reappear under different names. I "take up their cause" while spying, so that I may know their strategy. Thom Hartmann and others are right about the Tea Party movement. They are pawns of the right wing moneyed class, and don't know it. And if you prove it to them with facts, they still don't believe. It is truly a successful application of mass hypnosis on a scale not seen in my lifetime (unless I am hypnotized as well - in which case I would not know it. I did take a course in self-hypnosis in Los Angeles, and failed. I could not be hypnotized by the instructor, nor could I hypnotize myself, even though I allowed for hypnosis to occur in both cases).

It's "make it or break it" time for progressives and independents at this point in our history. Never have we been closer to losing the "idea" which is the United States of America. The United States of America, I believe, is the last remaining obstacle to the complete takeover of the planet by trans-national corporations, who would replace red, white and blue with green, black and gold.

The media progressives I've suggested in my original comment above is a start. I'm always impressed with the knowledge each of them exhibit, and the charisma they have when reporting on air.

However, I am disappointed that in every instance the only thing I get from our media representatives is a straightforward reporting on the problems we face, with no recommendations for actual, hands on SOLUTIONS for these problems we face. Yes - I know - it's their job. They are supposed to be objective. But how about "after hours"? Sean Hannity travels from coast to coast with his "Freedom Concerts".

Palin gets out there. She gets her "spiked heels" on the ground, with the troops. She stirs. It doesn't matter that she lies. It only matters that she lies well, and that she succeeds in motivating her base. She has guts. It doesn't matter that they are the guts of killer mama grizzlies who do not make good pets - it only matters that she goes where no one else will go, and leads the way for others, such as Dick Morris to pull in the slack on the Tea Party Express.

I could see it getting ugly.. too many chiefs. The left has never marched in lock step like the right does.

If it were structured as a corporation, with a clear cut Statement of Purpose, well defined By-Laws with little wiggle room, a Board of Directors made up of anyone with time to agressively pursue the goals of the corporation, and 100% transparency with a member oriented website, we may find marching in lock step more fun than we ever imagined.

I wonder what the cost would be to buy an AM radio station to broadcast more left wing talk...

Now you're talking. I was asking my mother-in-law the very same question last night. She lives in Chicago, where WGN AM has been infiltrated by the right wing after decades of remaining somewhat neutral. They've lost many listeners.

There's a small radio station like you described just 5 miles from my house. They broadcast religion. I don't know how successful they are, but I've frequently wondered, "If they can do that, why can't I?" I've got over 35 years as a professional actor, and have appeared in television and radio commercials, as well as soaps, television movies, and theatrical films. I'd love to do a progressive talk show on radio at this stage in my life.

Thank you for responding to my blog post. Of course, I would hope that every progressive at Thom Hartmann dot com would respond, then every progressive in the world would get the idea, but one response at a time is better than no responses at all, and yours was encouraging, and as expected here, intelligent. Cheers!

stonesphear's picture
stonesphear 8 years 44 weeks ago

I feel your pain but the entire problem we are presented with here is that overall as a country and statistically speaking we remain so fat and spoiled at the expense of exploiting the global population that we are not about to lift a finger in protest to the spoils which we enjoy. Time is running out , presumably it will run out, mean while Cicero fiddles while Rome burns and blames it all on the oppressed.

makuck's picture
makuck 8 years 44 weeks ago

Well, quick is the time coming where even the bottom half of the top 1% will find themselves hurting. If you own a hotel what do you do when no one can afford your rates and you are still in the red on the hotels construction?

To the AM radio station idea.. that is something people could pool their money on and invest in without even offering it as a stock. You wouldn't even need to pay an operator or create original content, you could just pay to re-broadcast an existing line-up and get a cut based on the additional market share you bring in.. which could be re-invested to re-broadcast to additional areas. Or use it to invest in recording equipment so you can create additional content. You could even set it up as a non-profit station so you could re-invest even more (even if it's non-profit you can pay yourself back for the capital outlay, and probably pay investors interest even). There are small radio stations you could probably go to and just ask them how much they had to bid for their frequency, and the minimum amount of equipment needed. Some of them would probably be more than happy to help out as far as answering start-up questions. Sometimes used towers/buildings/stations even go up for sale, and you can get everything used for cheap, that's a rare find though.

Apparently this guy only spend $1,000 on the equipment.


    The FCC's link.. not too helpful, but they give a couple recommendations. Maybe there's more info there if you dig deeper.


    This one seems like the best bet.. low power FM, for educational purposes only. Looks like churches use them. There are progressive churches out there. A religious channel could be used to send a political message because the two often intermingle. Not sure what the legality on that would be or if the line is just freely crossed.. or if you would even be comfortable bending a rule while in the process merging political and religious interests.. personally I'd say do what it takes.. the right certainly does.. and I'm sure those existing religious channels carry a political message with them.

  • hgovernick's picture
    hgovernick 8 years 43 weeks ago

    I'm sorry, but the fact that Sarah Palin has managed to organize such a large, vocal, mobilized base of followers disproves your observation, unless you believe that it is we progressives who are to fat and spoiled to lift a finger.

    I'm not ready to accept that conclusion. We are here, listening to progressive leaders who talk a lot, offer many opinions about what is wrong in the United States, but are not offering clear paths to ACTION. That has to change. I want to do whatever I can to change it.

    hgovernick's picture
    hgovernick 8 years 43 weeks ago

    THANK YOU for the words of encouragement and valuable links. I actually obtained an FCC license to work as a DJ in a radio station, in JUNEAU, ALASKA, of all places. The year was 1974. It was easy to get the license.

    I've begun building a website, which will also include a blog, with which I will try to promote the idea of forming a "Union" of liberal, progressive, Democrats and independents to help fight the Citizens v. United beneficiaries by becoming one of them.

    It's in the very early stages, but if you'd like to take a peek:

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