I voted Hillary Clinton in the 2008 primary. When she lost I voted Obama & even though I felt he let us down in his first term I voted Obama again for a second term with the hope he would try to honor his campaign promises. He has let me down in many ways, foreign policy being not the least.

My entire family has always voted a straight Democratic ticket. My step-father was the President-Business Manager of a trade union, having fought the REAL fight when people were getting their heads split open over the right to organize. In fact, he got HIS head split open in the late 1930s.

So since 1968 I've voted Democratic all the way through Obama's second term. That's now changed. And I'm not alone. My entire family and SEVERAL of my lifelong friends are voting for Donald Trump this cycle.

Like most of our Democratic friends a couple of years ago we all scoffed at the mention of the name Trump. We sucked in every negative review of the man as though it was gospel. But when he decided to run I decided to listen, at first with the idea I would go on Twitter and BOMB him with negative comments. That didn't happen.

Since 2008 I have tried to follow Hillary's so-called political career very closely. Either I've changed radically because of the Wisdom of age, or she's changed radically because of the influence of MONEY. I suspect it's both. Now when I watch & listen to Hillary I see one thing: a phony. There is NOTHING about her I like. People complain that Trump is not specific with his "plans" or "proposals" or "platform". After listening closely to Hillary that is exactly how I feel about her. All I know is 1) she's a woman who wants to be the first woman President, 2) She's flip-flopped on several former positions, 3) she hates Donald Trump. That's about it. NOTHING specific about how she plans on repairng the crumbling infrastructure of the United States, fixing the damage caused by "Obamacare" (I listen to my doctor on that subject & he claims he's in real trouble because of the new regulations), keeping this country safe from radical extremists who want to convert the world to Islam & on and on. NOTHING specific. Just "we can't let Donald in!" and "I have a plan!". I don't know what the plan is.

I had seriously considered Bernie Sanders until the activists SNATCHED the microphone from his hand and PUSHED him aside like he was completely unimportant. i watched with disgust as he did nothing about it, and on that day I knew I could never support a man who was that weak at his own rally. His apologists would ramble on forever that Sanders was "open to the plight of..." blah blah blah. I don't buy it. Even if he is, MY President does NOT let others control his agenda. Good bye Senator Sanders.

We listen intently to Donald Trump. He is not a racist. He loves women. His agenda for the country is VERY specific. And oddly enough his TRADE plan is VERY MUCH the same as that which Thom Hartmann himself has been advocating for years: TARIFFS.

Now we find ourselves Republicans for the first time in our lives. But only because of Donald Trump. The fact that he obliterated his competition - those Republicans responsible for most of the ill-will Democrats have against them - is a PLUS. If Trump was not in there I more than likely would have gone with Bernie Sanders as the only alternative to Hillary and cast my fate to the wind.

I lost faith in Thom Hartmann & Amy Goodman after listening to their false reporting on the situation in Ferguson. Ferguson is 10-minutes from where I live. What happened there was NOT that which was reported by MSNBC & most of the left-leaning "journalists" covering that travesty. It was an eye opener to be where the action was & actually see & hear outright lies - yes, LIES - reported by people with an agenda, e.g. Chris Hayes, Rachel Maddow & Lawrence O'Donnell. After YEARS of listening to them, their reporting of the events at Ferguson caused me to forever tune them out. How disheartening.

To sum it up, I believe completely that Donald Trump will be our next President. The loss of sovereignty to global forces will stop. Ralph Nader wrote "Only the Super Rich Can Save Us." I doubt he could have predicted that's EXACTLY what is going to happen. The Democratic Party today is NOT the Democratic Party of my step-father. Democrats have lost their way.


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zapdam 2 years 20 weeks ago

Why don't you admit it, Trumps appealing to the beast inside you, he's summoned your deep inner demons, he's brought forth the monster inside you. And now you're trying to rationalize it. You need to see a shrink , perhaps a Priest and have a exorcism.

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zapdam 2 years 20 weeks ago

You're the Palin , Bauchman fan , who just can never fall asleep when they're on TV , because like you said they connect with you emotionally. Lol

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zapdam 2 years 20 weeks ago

Read many of your recent posts, are you paid by the hour or by the post? Just asking, because either you're a aging dim wit losing your faculties or you're a paid agent of the right wing claiming to be a liberal who's gone over to the dark side. Do you forget what your thinking anytime someone wiggles something bright and shiny in front of your eyes. Or are you just quite simply one of those Americans who belong to the 'stupidest fucking' electorate in the world.

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eric1 2 years 20 weeks ago

Well, let's examine some of the things about HIllary. She has been campaigning as if she already has the nomination locked up. What does that tell you about her? A lot of hubris. If she is ignoring her main opponent who is still a very real threat, what do you think she is going to do with the American people when she gets in office? She's basically taken a page from Obama's campaigning . . . talk in vague generalities/no specifics, make the people feel good, and fool them into voting for you. If you want another neocon puppet in office, then by all means support her because that's what you are going to get.

rs allen 2 years 20 weeks ago

"Either I've changed radically because of the Wisdom of age............" end quote of mr. hg whatever

Considering the rest of your post mr. whatever, I'd guess your problem is more along the line of being the on-set of dementia.

rs allen 2 years 20 weeks ago

And to eric1 the troll,

This thread is not about H. Clinton, B. Clinton nor Obama it's about the Donald otherwise known from here on as the dumpster. Or alternately, it's about the mental state of the op.

Got it troll?

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citizen1956 2 years 20 weeks ago

Really "little,lying,crooked" Donnie Trump as one of Americas' great Presidents. I guess you're refering to this seasons reality show "The President". Got to love how 'little,lyin,crooked Donnie gives his opponents nicknames like a ten year old and how with every third sentance reminds us how "great" he is.

He denies the science of climate change and wants to pull out of the Paris agreement.The science and evidence of climate change is fairly simple and a fifth grader can easily grasp it.

The "Trump Bay Street Tower" being built in Jersey City has raised $50 million from Chinese immigrant-investors to help get them Green Cards.

Where are the tax returns he PROMISED?

Being a New Yorker it is hard to believe Donald Trump has gotten this far without any genuine scrutiny,but as long as the ratings are high and the mass media is making money the reality show "the President" will not be cancelled.

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Roland de Brabant 2 years 20 weeks ago

Neither Trump nor Pantsuitonfire are qualified for the job. Bernie is the only choice we have. If Devious Debbie can keep the nomination from him, we can still write him in in November.


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PEI Mike 2 years 19 weeks ago

Funny how tiny hands donny has his little trolls and boot lickers trolling forums like this.

Do you think anyone actually takes you seriously and thinks a sadsack like you has ever voted for the democratic party in you pathetic little life?

No dear. We know your type for what you are. Basement dwelling trolls beating away on mommy's computer trying to get a reaction.

You are sad and pathetic because you actually don't believe in anything.

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