Why Aren't Americans Fighting Back??? Mostly because many don't even realize they are duped into complacency to consume, be fed & entertained & avoid the confrontation that it takes to stop the monied forces that have bought our government & basically influence & control every aspect of our daily lives whether you are aware of it or not. The USA is nothing but a great big welfare program for the monied to elite. The Fed prints the money at will & launders it through the "6 - Too Big to Fail" banks & the political system diverts tax-payer dollars to fund the military-industrial complex to further enrich gazillionaire defense contractors & global capitalist who are the largest terrorist organization on the planet, killing scores of innocent people & using the US military to enforce their empirical agenda to take over the planet & divide it up amongst themselves for profit.


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ptg0 6 years 31 weeks ago

Look at what has happened since 11/22/1963. Bush murdered Kennedy for Nixon. Bush becomes head of the CIA. Nixon lies his way into the presidency by promising to end Veitnam, started by himself while VP under Eisenhower. Nixon gets caught stealing the democrats october surprise, the evidence to implicate bush and nixon in the Kennedy assasination and expose the Warren Commisssion for the fraud that it was. They "appoint" ford, the only surviving member of the fraud warren commisssion to replace the crook. ford loses to Carter. Carter was the only president to command a nuclear submarine and the only person that had the capacity to fire nuclear weapons on his own before being elected president. the CIA (bush) vetted Carter to allow him to command a boat so carter was basically put in by the CIA. After carter we had the senile idiot who had the ex-head of the CIA as VP. Bush ran the country and kept us at war with russia to make sure the military/industrialist complex was well fed with tax dollars and once the senile idiot forced his "for profit" health care plan on us and spent his 8 years drooling, we had the ex- head of the CIA as president. After bush, we had clinton. clinton deregulated the banks, signed nafta and sold us out. He was replaced by another moron named bush who lied us into 2 wars, collapsed our economy and probably personally allowed the saudi's to hijack aircraft and destroy the world trade center. Nobody can explain what happened at the pentagon but it probably had something to do with the 2 TRILLION dollars that went missing, shortly after rumsfield mentioned the missing money and audit. The area of the pentagon destroyed was where the audit was being conducted, conveinantly. Then we had a choice between a senile idiot, a whore and a black guy that made a bunch of promises. The people voted for the black guys lies and the black guy refused to prosecute bush for lying us into 2 wars, refused to investigate the collapse of our economy and then passed a law FORCING us all to buy into the failed republiCON health care plan of "for profit" health care. Plus the black guy promised to end the wars like nixon did and 6 years later, the wars are still going on. The black guy runs again against a feild of complete idiots and liars and gets re-elected where it comes out that he is more CIA than bush was.

To fix the economy, the black guy has the treasury print 85 BILLION DOLLARS per month which they hand over to the criminals that crashed our economy. And still NO JOBS PLAN.

Face it, obama is a CIA plant just like every president we have had since 11/22/1963.

There is not enough tar and feathers for all of them.

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