The best medicine doctor is the oilly original the drug companies have always derived their products from Clue:

real plants like ginger ,dill ,rosemary you name it it has medical aps ...

read "Reference Guide to Essential Oils" by Connie /Alan Higley... anyone going throw chemo show have this life saving info

If you have no immune system keep cinnamon bark on hand ,throat bottom of feet ...test prove no virus bateria or fungus can survive cinnamon barks chemical constitution of over 30 chemicals

cancer cells fear Frankincense study (Ghushan et al., 2007) " An extract in it was found to produce apoptosis in human leukemia cells"

Boswellic acid effects liver cancer cells (Liu et al., Oct 2002)

Tea tree inhibit herpes virus (Schnitzle et al., 2001)

Mellanoma at first sign like all disease should be treated with its folklore historical medical fixes

example from hand guide for migraine head aches ,cramps,blood pressure, arthritis ,colic,parasympathic nervous system French used marjoram....

someone said "doctor cure yourself " takes on a new meaning because he will be his only patient ; if people went back to roots of health which is, The body is Wonderfully and beautifully made just change oils daily .... Olay


WhiteShoePrincess's picture
WhiteShoePrincess 7 years 15 weeks ago

This is a very cool article. You might also want to note that organic vegetables and fruits that are high in Vitamin C also help build a strong healthy immune system. The fresher the fruit is picked the healthier it is. Anyone is desert areas like Arizona and California could do really well growing Oranges and Lemons. Most people don't like grapefruit but you can grow that there too.

HolisticChemoCoach's picture
HolisticChemoCoach 7 years 15 weeks ago

Thank you W.S.P.

I been using "Reference Guide for Essential Oils" since my 10day stay at ... extreme diet to say the lease ... every thing at CHI living or not cooked over125 degrees never felt better in my life after living diet coarse and lessons... place started in 1960's by Ann Wigmore (google for eye opener)

I used E. oils during my last 6mnt round for leukemia , went all winter without immune system and did not get one head cold ... plus other oils help me survive other minor infections ... prior tiny sliver infections during previous 24 treatments landed me in hospital 3 days.

I went to CHI to rid body of food additives and other processing agents that weaken immune system... like Sugar is the worst on immune system anything over 2 tablespoons daily weakens it for days ...

You want to read some properties of orange oil from bk... ? Orange anticancer* antidepressant,antispasmodic,digestive, sedative ,alot more down to wrinkles as other possible uses.. even nutmeg, caraway, citronella , oregano and dill oils very beneficial in another study

*lower degree of squamous cell cancer of skin (Hakimet al., 2000)

Oilly Olay

change Your oils daily

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