Dr Salk, an amazing person

Refreshing, considering medicine in today's era has become a business first


Dr Salk, an amazing person


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Truthseaker 6 years 47 weeks ago

Something about Dr. Salk did in his later years was to find something to clue the HIV Virus before he died. So yes, he is quite a amazing doctor!

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DdC 6 years 47 weeks ago

I had to take 3 sugar cubes of the Polio vaccine after throwing up the first two. I did hear something about certain experiments in Africa with monkey's leading to HIV. I also heard Polio was the last disease cured since it took profits from the Cattlemen's leather and Steel Industries, making leg braces. I think I met him once with my parents. He was working in Pittsburgh and there was some function open to the public where he spoke. One down and how many more Neurological diseases to go? Somehow spraying poisons on the clothing and food crops seems potentially harmful to ones health and nervous system. Fossil fools smoke stacks spewing, nukes and now frankenfud genetically modifying humans as the food preservatives keep us living longer. Artificial or chemicalized, the American way!

Cloning's ok, just don't smoke a doobie...

Help Stop the Monsanto Protection Act

or Fossil Fools Crud

High on Hemp

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