There is an accumulation of questionable killings by police all over the USA and the Ferguson affair has sparked the correct questioning of abuse of authority.

Long over due.


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riverside 5 years 12 weeks ago

Just like any other job, there are always a few bad workers. But in policing the consequences are greater and sometimes permanent. (You can't bring back a dead suspect, and you can't un-injure someone who was crippled during an arrest.)

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Palindromedary 5 years 12 weeks ago

I certainly agree that plenty of abuse of authority takes place every day and that it needs to come to a stop. But, as long as certain people act like animals, they are just begging to be beaten or shot. Things not to do when being confronted by a policeman in order to minimize being beaten or shot:
Don't argue with them.
Don't be snotty with them.
Don't ignore their orders.
Don't make any sudden moves.
Don't try to argue the constitution with them.
Things to do:
Be pleasant and keep calm.
Say, nicely, "yes sir" or "no sir".
Do exactly what they say as soon as they say it...don't delay.
Try to act like a normal, decent citizen.

The worst thing that can happen is an escalation of an ill temperament.

Most of the people that I've seen on youtube that were accosted by a policeman were cussing them out, trying to slug them, or scratch them, or spit on them....and it today's world even spit can be a dangerous weapon (ebola). Professionals or not, I think it is very unrealistic to expect cops to constantly put up with all of the crap that some people sling at them.

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