Democrats Should Focus on Winning Elections in Purple States to increase Their chances of Winning.

Deep Red States are rigged in Republicans' Favor and it is probably a waste of the Democrats'

During Democrats' Majority,
Unrig all Rigging.


Howard Laverne Stewart's picture
Howard Laverne ... 2 years 8 weeks ago

Identity theft of Income tax checks is a bigger issue than voter Identity fraud.

joeg4us's picture
joeg4us 2 years 6 weeks ago

What is happening politically is caused by what is happening socially, ans what is happening socially is cuased by what is happening culturally. Current events are not only predictable but inevitable, given our existing cultures. The roots of current cultures are thousands of years old, as old as the roots of our current languages. In order to understand human behavior, we must understand human culture and in order to understand human cuture, we must understand the deepest levels of human language. Verbalization is a special case of vocalization. Vocallizing communicates emotion. Verbalizing likewise communicates emotion, and, in addition, refers to specific things. Since the feelings of the vocal aspect of verbalizing happen simultaneously with the referential function of verbalizing, we associate the feelings with the referred-to things. In this way human culture is instilled in us when we learn to talk. In the beginning of human culture was the word. If we would change the way we behave, we must change the way we perceive our world. If we would change the way we perceive our world, we must change our culture, and if we would change our culture, we must change our spoken-word language. Each phone (as in phonetics) correlates to a particular emotional state. A word is a story, told in terms of emotional states. One may discover what emotional states correlate to which phones by repeating the sounds represented by the letters of our alphabet, one at a time until the sound is disaccociated from the language and perceived simply as a phonetic utterance. One may find that the sequence of sounds represented by our alphabet tells a story of a person's life. The alphabet is the core of the culture. For more info. write to <>.

rs allen 2 years 6 weeks ago

Wrong, wrong, wrong on every count joe.

You've got it exactly backwards, it's not the verbalization of 'a sound' that does the creating but the enviroment one comes to know that gives that particular sound meaning. And further, just like all mammals we (the human species) rely on body language and situational clues to discern the meaning of ANY vocal sounds made in our direction.

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