With price gouging regulated,
A 5 or 6%, maybe more, Tax on all US citizens
would pay for their own Single Payer Healthcare.

Compare to socialists countries.


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stephensolomita 45 weeks 1 day ago

Bernie Sanders porposed a payroll tax iof 9% on his website. Employersa would pay a bit more than half.

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zapdam. 45 weeks 16 hours ago

I live in Alberta Canada we've had free single health care from 1967 when the federal liberal government legislated it into existence. IT is an offense in Canada under our system for a doctor or hospital to charge a patient for services, ALL billing must be sent to the Government. ALL Canadians are covered from birth to death, there are no exceptions. Are Canadians buried in taxes? We pay 15% on the first $46,000.00 we earn. In Alberta i pay no sales tax, except a 5% GST (goods and services tax) administered Canada wide federally. According to your major news services, an American family of four each year pay health insurance premiums of on average $16,000.00, plus deductibles averaging $2500.00 per event, plus co pays, soon life time limits(there are no limits in Canada) and refusal of coverage for pre-existing diseases. Something as a Canadian i find astounding. and exceptionally cruel. WHY Americans keep electing right wingers who stand in the way of Americans having single payer health care , i find impossible to understand.

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leontrollski 44 weeks 5 days ago


" WHY Americans keep electing right wingers who stand in the way of Americans having single payer health care , i find impossible to understand."

I think you have answered that yourself many times. Americans keep electing them because enough stupid voters exist in a corrupt, rigged, gerrymandered, and voter supressed system to give a minority party election wins.

zapdam.'s picture
zapdam. 44 weeks 5 days ago

Actually what is amazing is that liberals are EVER elected. Almost ALL Americas news and information services are owned by the 1/10 of one percent , who own all the money. They own a thousand AM talk radio stations coast to coast that spew out the likes of Rush Limbaugh and they own virtually all the print news. Americans are told ONLY what these wealthy want them to hear. Then when you add "corrupt, rigged, gerymandered and voter supression, it seems insurmountable. Plus right wing Americans are prepared to put up money and lots of it, to spread their disinformation.

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Kilosqrd 43 weeks 2 hours ago

Hey Zap, please explain why the democrats, who had a chance to actually vote for "single payer" healthcare, not one democrat would even touch it. Not even Bernie Sanders.



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