We could raise the salary of congress members as much as it takes to get them to raise taxes on the top 10% of income earners.

As it is, the US Treasury is under funded compared to what it could be.


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Kilosqrd 10 weeks 6 days ago

Raising taxes on the top 10% of wage earners benefits you or anyone else how?

Answer: Not one bit.


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Howard Laverne ... 10 weeks 3 days ago

Taxes could pay for Socialism such as Healthcare and Education for starters, Every Highway could use extra Lanes without Tolls.

rs allen 10 weeks 3 days ago

I've got a better idea Howard, why don't we lower the salary of congress? Lower it to the point where they have to have to hold two jobs and the wife needs to work just to make ends meet at the end of each week. Lower that pay check to the point where even a parking ticket is a major problem to confront; 'do we eat this week or risk a bench warrent?'.

Then make them pay for their own families heath insurance policies. Make them pay for their own transportation. Make them pay for not showing up for work by deducting from their pay those hours or days missed, doesn't matter the peons excuse.

Ya see Howard, those peons are suppose to be the peoples lobby in Washington and they ain't doing their job, so to hell with paying them any bonuses. I want them to see how it is to starve for a change.

Howard Laverne Stewart's picture
Howard Laverne ... 9 weeks 6 days ago

They're not going to Vote to lower their salaries.

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