Aloha, There is no moral leadership from the President so legislators have to fill the moral void. Apparently the USA Patriot Act will not cover the act of the white nationalist who plowed into the protestors in Charlottesville. It needs to be amended to cover such acts. Republicans would be hard pressed to oppose this and other legislation to ease racial tensions. We are leaderless so our legislators need to fill the moral void. Best,Justin Hughey


Coalage3 43 weeks 6 days ago

Would the killer of the 5 Dallas policemen fall under this amended legislation? His was a crime of hate, of bigotry.

gumball's picture
gumball 43 weeks 6 days ago

What is it in the patriot act that is needed in this case?

Coalage3 43 weeks 3 days ago

How about the violent Antifa? Will they fall under this new amended law? Their acts of violence are just as bigoted and rascist as any perpretated by the white supremacists.


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