Humans feeling of separation from each other allows them to do all manner of things to each other that they would never do to themselves .By failing to see that they are doing these things to themselves ,we produce and reproduce unwelcome results in our daily lives and in our collective planetary experience .

It has been said that the problems facing humanity from the dawn of time are the same but to a lesser degree all the time .Greed,violence ,jealousy ,and a list of other behaviours that we do not believe benefit anyone but are still displayed by a minority of our species .A sign of our evolution .

However instead of trying to end these behaviours and change them we seek to punish them.Our thoughts on this are by punishing them we will correct them.It has been shown that we cannot solve society’s problems with the same energy that created them.

We seek to end killing with killing,to end violence with violence ,to quell anger with anger.In doing this ,we fail to see the hypocrisy ,and thus embody it.

Regognising the illusions of life as illusions would stop everyone from denying the Oneness of all life and threatening to destroy all life on our precious planet.

The main illusion of humanity are :

1.God/Life has an agenda .( Need Exists )

2.The outcome of Life is in doubt. (Failure Exists )

3. You are seperate from God/Life .( Disunity Exists )

Many humans continue to see themselves as separate from each other,from all other living things ,and from god .They see that they are destroying themselves ,yet they claim not to understand how they are doing it .Surely ,they say ,it is not through their individual actions.They cannot see the connection between their individual decisions and choices and the world at large.

These are the beliefs of many ,and if you we wish to see them changed ,it is up to us who truly understand Cause and Effect to change them.For your fellow humans believe that it is having no negative effect on The Whole to cut down old growth rain forests so we can have paper and food that we feed to animals.

It is having no negative effect on The Whole to pump impurities of every sort into the atmosphere so that we can have their lifestyles unchanged.

It is having no negative effect on The Whole to use fossil fuels rather than solar-powered energy .

It is having no negative effect on The Whole to smoke cigarettes,or eat red meat at every meal,or consume large quantities of alcohol ,and they’re tired of people telling them that it is.

It is having no negative effect ,they say ,and they’re tired of people telling them that it is.Individual human behaviours ,they tell themselves ,are not having such a negative effect on The Whole that they could actually cause The Whole to collapse .That would only be possible if there was nothing that was seperate -if,in effect The Whole was doing all of this to itself .And that is silly .The third illusion is true We are separate.

Still,the seperate actions of all the seperate beings who are not one with each other ,and not one with all of Life seem ,in fact ,to have a very real effect on Life itself .Now more and more people are beginning to acknowledge this as they develop from primitive cultural thinking into a more evolved society.

So the third illusion of humans (Disunity) which the mass of humans live deep within is slowly being revealed by those that are awakening .

Humanity’s Team ..........We Are All One


Why the illusion of  separation from each other could cause the Whole to Collapse


Coalage3 1 year 50 weeks ago

From Peggy Noonan:


Here it should be said of the rising left of the Democratic Party that they are numerous, committed, and have all the energy—it’s true. But they operate at a disadvantage they cannot see, and it is that they are loveless. The social justice warriors, the advancers of identity politics and gender politics, the young who’ve just discovered socialism—they run on rage.

But rage is a poor fuel in politics. It produces a heavy, sulfurous exhaust and pollutes the air. It’s also gets few miles per gallon. It has many powers but not the power to persuade, and if anything does them in it will be that. Their temperament is no better than Mr. Trump’s . It’s worse. But yes, they are intimidating the Democratic establishment, which robs itself of its dignity trying to please them. It won’t succeed.

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