According to our society ,profit is the most important thing . Important social services get cut because they say we can’t afford them .Schools get cuts,healthcare gets cut benefits to our mentally ill and disabled get cuts. Why ?

The thought that we can’t afford a civil society is what is causing our society to no longer be civil.

We continue to insist on a social system that creates haves and have nots.As the gap between the rich and poor gets wider and wider (which has been doing every year at an accelerating rate ) you can expect civility to all but disappear.

This is because of our Cultural Story (myth) based on an understanding of yesterday’s god characterized as pretty much of an every-man for himself kind of god. That old god is understood to be seperate from human beings and yesterdays spirituality says that human beings are seperate from each other.

Life is extremely hard with billions in poverty where people can’t meet the basic needs of food,pure safe drinking water ,housing and survival to get to the end of the day is a struggle.

This is all due to an economic system the purpose of which is to generate profit.Our economy emerges from two illusions those are the illusion of insufficiency and Disunity.The idea ,belief that there is “not enough” of what humans need to be happy ,and the idea that humans are seperate from each other ,forms the basis of our entire economic model.

Presently on our planet ,wealth is defined as possessions and power .This old understanding of god which we can call the Old Spirituality encourages us to have dominion over the Earth.We have interpreted this to mean domination.So we have imagined that ownership of,or power over,people,places,land and things is an asset- or part of what we have called wealth.According to this paradigm ,the more things you owned ,the more power you had ,and the wealthier you were.

We have let our spiritual understanding of our beliefs about life and god to undergrid our entire way of life an understanding that is a complete misunderstanding having nothing to do with ultimate reality .

The New Spirituality or Tomorrow’s god which is one with life and the Earth ...when this is embraced this New Spirituality will declare We Are All One .It also says Theres Enough .When we take these messages to heart ,we will begin the transformation of our planet and begin to devise ways of treating everyone as you would want to be treated ,giving everyone what you would want to be given,and providing everyone with what you would want to be provided with.

As our species evolves it’s thinking to include unity and non separation ,science now is discovering this truth and spirituality told us millenia ago. Our problems begin with our beliefs our beliefs create behaviours or our on the ground reality.

There is only one team in the game the other is not real it’s every thought that seperate us.



Why our present economic model emerges .


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Alberto Ceras 2 39 weeks 6 days ago

Repeating my comment to another post:

The great and growing disparity in wealth has created many - I believe most - of the problems that we commoners encounter today. It will take a revolution, peaceful or no, to change it.

I've long advocated a healthy wealth tax and a near100 percent inheritance tax but people are either too dumbed down or too passive (scared?) to demand that their elected representatives consider and enact these two measures.

The u.S.A. desperately needs to address two urgent issues: (1) repair and overhaul of its infrastructure and (2) creation (or renovation?) of a modern, uplifting public education system that would provide the basis for its citizens to thoughtfully, acrtively engage in governance while insuring, to the extent possible, a decent standard of living for all.

Where are the courageous, honorable, public spirited leaders?

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elizabeth983 27 weeks 6 days ago

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