When will the left (and other practical rational fact based

thinkers) wake up and realize that we are in a real Civil War.

That we, now, right now, in the United States of America, have

already been engaged in a real and dangerous civil war. To put

it more narrowly, the fascist elements of the right wing

political establishment, their media and their easily led

minions are waging a serious phsycological war on us. And they

seem to be winning. There are many elements to war. War is not

just about bullets and dying on a battlefield. Propaganda and

mind control (emotional control) is an important part of war.

It helps them that we do not know or think we are in a real

war with each other, but we are. They have a propensity for

war. They are the hawks, the haters and the fear mongerers.

They are the liars. They will lie to their own people to

invade countries illegaly. They will lie, cheat and steal

elections. To them war is a means to justify their ends. They

use the language of war in their rhetoric because it is not

politics. It is not just a difference of opinion. They are

going all in and going all out to win this civil war. We call

it a cultural war or a war of ideas. It's just plain war and

we are losing the battles we don't even know we are in. The

Cold War did not end. The new enemy is us. Somebody better

wake up the rest of us before it is to late.


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