Today's scheme to fund alternative fuels with tax revenue which is supposed to fill public coffers....Hmmm

Sounds like, Give us a favorable tax rate and we will build a stadium / big box store/ corporation HQ, bank, automotive giant, etc,

Or just foot the bill outright like war, or current oil explorations.

If we pay for the stadium - will the team stay?

If we pay for the war do we get cheaper gas?

If we pay for medical care can we receive the care we paid for?

If we pay for solar panels, will the yield be subsidized for our consumers?

Or will our elderly have torely on oddly berated Venezualan Charity to stay warm?

Will we continue to pay the Dividend Class Lizard R&D costs, losing our due share of tax revenue?

Will we continue to let the Dividend Class Lizard pay no taxes, losing our share of tax revenue?

If we tax them they will raise prices, when does the Dividend Class Lizard shoulder the burden?

It appears the true benefit of ownership the ability to pass on the costs to those less fortunate?

Scrap mininum wage and work as shareholders, to ENSURE we receive the proportion of the pie we (labor) deserve. Raw dollar raises in your check on Friday, that a boss knows he has to offer on Monday, are rendered obsolete by Wed. when he raises prices, because "Lizard Ownership" does not want to reduce his share. A lot of the backlash on "overpaid" athletes is due to the vaccuum of knowledge around how much is being earned, where an owner can afford to pay an athlete $120 million to play a game. Sadly the athlete pays more in tax rate than the stadium owner, who bought the stadium with our borrowed wallet. Anyone earning a significant amount of funds opts for the percentage model,since the moral DIVIDEND to workers has devolved from the social contract pre 1970 with employers of "we get rich, you get paid".

The Dividend Class must resume paying taxes, We have to guard our lexicon however and not rail against "the Rich" . it is not the accumulation of wealth that is the problem, it is the "survival of the fittest" ethic that can easily become symbiotic. Kerry, and Kennedy had wealth, it is their INVESTED belief in the ETHIC that everyone should have resources, that Obama shares, and nearly all Republicans lack. We persist at our own peril using a sacred cultural inspirational term to describe our enemies, then be surprised at the backlash because it is such a common (though increasingly unattainable) goal. Thats why Republicans name everything Free, or Clean or Fair, because you cant rail against the Fabric of the Flag and they know that. Clearly upon 2nd glance, it becomes obvious their ploy doesnt match the title, but in a 5 second attention span world, no one reads past the headline or the bumper sticker, so they win.

This is the manifestation of the lizard brain, Lord of the Flies perspective, I dont care if your kids eat, mine are going to college. this is why TeaBagger allegiance is so tragic, because those without are voting for those with, on the (repetitively broken) promise, that if they have enough surplus they will share with us. In an agricultural / industrial age, greed required 10,000 subordinates to yield a reward. Between the dynamics or Globalization( a.k.a. plantation switching) and the information age, they simply dont need (most) of us to make money. and can erect gated communities (read PRIVATIZED) they dont have to suffer from our undertreated disease / underpatrolled crime / undereducated kids.

The slow violence of UNNECESSARY poverty and lack is far more cruel than any terrorist attack. Bombs kill everything, the neutron bomb of Poverty kills the spirit, and I contend is far less humane, but the primary tool of those who want to acquire the resources of others without having any regard for that OTHER. The neutron bomb is a glorified roach spray, only for humans. Sadly I fear that is the remaining major powers stance toward Darfur, rather than put the boot on the neck of the meek, and the 10 yr P.R. and coffers hit. lets just let the die out so we can take the oil the easy way. We are all witnesses.

******************** The reason they fight taxes so vehemently is that they are based on percentage

Percentages engender a higher participation level in terms of authority and responsiblitity.
Hourly wage earners have no substantive concern if things go well or poorly as long as payroll is on Friday. It is also easy for the Dividend Class to slam the information door, because they can tell us we dont deserve any as long as the check clears. This is how we hoarded Iraq, we resisted aid, so we could keep /control the oil pie. If the Lizard Dividend Class can converts to percentage system , they are already on it for stocks, real estate, interests, loans,basically everything YOU have to beg THEM for) the only way they can hide income is to fail to claim items, which has SOME personal risk. Slavemastering has no risk, and we get what we get.

*******************************Bush mastered Middleman graft
Social Security on deck (again)

Immigration- the govt gets to keep $540+ billion fund of illegal immigrant taxes from fake soc sec numbers aliens obviously cant claim.
Pharmacy - we have to help our seniors -
Education - We must test our kids, Did I mention my brother can test us all for a couple billion? :)
War - we must support the troops- Did I mention the VP can handle if fora couple hundred billion ? :)

Fine Print: we dont have to offer armor, leave, fresh food rations, 0 voltage showers, unaudited construction projects
Oil - the perfect "Bricks thrown thru your window?... Buy ACME glass" advertisement tied to the brick they just threw through our collective window.

THe problem is the XENOPHOBIC other, its our susceptibility to racial schism, that forces the 2 big dogs to fight (US labor vs Foreign)

and while we are blaming

the japanese for ... trade imbalance and making better cars,

the blacks for drug and gang conditions, inflamed by the CIA who needed money for other ILLEGAL activities

the mexicans for joblessness, while the DIVIDEND CLASS switches plantations

the chinese for trade imbalance, currency manipulations, lead products

but alas there is a middle man

the Japanese arent smuggling cars here, the DIVIDEND class and CHUCK SWIFT DODGE picked them over US

the Mexicans arent holding Del Monte at gunpoint saying hire us, Someone in the DIVIDEND class made that decision

the Chinese are forcing toys over here, and tehy are SUPPOSED to make a trade that works for them, QUESTION IS

who ON OUR SIDE made that deal, WE need a name, but rather than that we get the Paris Hilton Channel So we never find out..

AND THE LITTLE DOG RUNS AWAY WITH THE BONE. while the two big dogs lie there bleeding, exhausted and sans resource .


Money making hit an all time high as Political instability raises gas (speculation) prices, war creates political instability, so we have to raise prices even more, but at its core, he controlled both exacerbation levers like a slot machine. Deregulate and UNDER refine and you have our country by the gonads.

Millionaires are lucky
Billionaires have a plan

THis scheme is far too sophisticated for him to be stupid, you dont have a father as president AND head of the CIA and not learn a few tricks. Perhaps the most insightful comment from our beloved buffoon is his insistence on being "the Decider". When you grow up outside you start out by reading the rules and conforming, when you grow up INSIDE, you understand everything is flexible and its your relationship to POWER that can supercede the rules. Which is why Judges, prosecutors, legistlators ,information stream, (PERCEPTION IS REALITY YOU KNOW) and THE VOTING APPARATUS are so critical to maintaining their power (AND THEY STILL HAVE ALL OF THOSE IN PLACE) since they CANNOT win the HAVE/ HAVE NOT WAR with this many have nots.

Bashing Obama for not investigating Bush/Cheney is so misplaced. Obama is already (unwillingly) knee deep in Automotive, Banking, Health Care, Infrastructure, And 2 wars. Why is it his fault he doesnt have time to play beat cop, and arrest those whom NO ONE ELSE IN POWER batted an eyelash at for nearly a decade. Now its on him to be the designated whistleblower, judge, jury , and prosecutor, all the while living down the title of taking too much control. A charge NEVER levied at Bush. Had Obama launched ANY investigation, it would have crippled his other reforms for a further divided camp, and exposed OUR collective ethical (contracts, kickbacks, etc) rot. But by not doing so he assumed the debt in a personal way, deeper than the general "buck stops here" dynamic for any president.

sorry so scattered, I only had 30 minutes

In case youre still befuddled over the origin of the teabaggers.

we had a woman, they got a woman (Palin)

we had a black guy, they got a black guy ( Steele)

we had a grass roots movement, they rented protesters complete with furnished FAKE homemade signs (Teabaggers)

1000 person Democratic demonstrations receive a fraction of the coverage 100 teabaggers on THEIR CORPORATE CHANNELS get

Brad Collins

Arcata, CA/Shoreline, WA


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