In another life I was a community planner. One way to conserve those good agricultural soils is to use natural landscaping along the edge of rivers and lakes to capture nutrients and slow erosion. At the community I worked for we collaborated with the Soil Conservation Service to maintain and establish these natural barriers along the rivers in our community. The SCS is a great resource for trying to improve these land use practices. Thanks for covering this topic.


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zapdam 25 weeks 2 days ago

indiepundit, i go out of my way to try and buy food grown naturally, but since there is no government oversite, no government monitoring or penality for lying , i often wonder if what i'm really buying is nothing but the lie on the package. Now with this gang in power all hell is about to break loose when it comes to being poisoned in a zillion different forms for profit.

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The America I Knew Has Almost Disappeared

Like an alcoholic family that won't discuss alcoholism (and proving Don Quixote's warning to never mention rope in the home of a man who's been hanged), far too many Americans are unwilling to acknowledge or even discuss the ongoing collapse of democracy in the United States.