The Koch Brothers' $900 million just replaced the Party Formerly Known as Republican with a new creature that should be called the Republican-Koch Coalition.

If we can rename (and re-meme) the bankers as Banksters, why can't everyone who is offended by the Koch's 0.9 billion attempt to purchase the White House just start calling it what it really is: The Republican-Koch Coalition.

It certainly isn't the Party of Lincoln any more, and it shouldn't be able to carry on with the same name as the party that freed the slaves, built the interstate, created the EPA and first warned America about the industrial-military-complex.

Hashtag: #RepublicanKochCoalition


Sprinklerfitter's picture
Sprinklerfitter 4 years 33 weeks ago

How about this.....Republican Party-Koch Owned Coalition Of Racist Backasswards Nutjobs?

lifesize's picture
lifesize 4 years 33 weeks ago

whocares what it's called as long as sane people know what it is and where the money comes from? is there anyone on this site who isn't already awash in koch-talk?

for reassurance, see david brooks' comments on money in politics on latest pbs friday newshour. i, with him, doubt the kochs can buy a republican the white housetho they'll undoubtedly make it harder for dems to recapture some swing seats.

integrate's picture
integrate 4 years 33 weeks ago

Sooner or later it will be a closer race, and then the Citizen's United WILL win.

douglaslee's picture
douglaslee 4 years 33 weeks ago

The electoral map presents insurmountable odds for the GOP. Koch bought statehouses can fix it so the states award their votes per district instead of winner take all so the majority will not win. PA has proposed that. 51% of PA voters voted for democrats but got 5 house seats. GOP voters got 13 seats with 48% of the vote. That means PA could give 13 electoral votes to GOP and 5 to Democrats instead of all 18 to the democrat. Eventually the national election will require 3 votes to 1 for democrat over GOP, as it is now in many state's elections. The ads only annoy informed voters. The idiots the GOP appeals to, do buy that nonsense.

integrate's picture
integrate 4 years 33 weeks ago

I never said anything about ads.

Steven.PBarrett 4 years 33 weeks ago

It's not TR's party anymore; not even both Tafts, Eisenhower's, or even Nixon's any longer. Tricky Dick would be shown the door faster than Romney was last week.

I'm not too sure the Koch Brothers are the true villains you're looking for to put out of business so the rest of the nation can move forward.

It's Fox, Fox, Fox. Take it from a long-ago graduate of the National Journalism Center (Spring '83.) Back then it was very zealous when it came to guarding its non-profit tax status because the difference this tax break (available for all citizens' organizations which qualify for it and ideology had very little to do with the NJC's reasoning. It just knew that allowing its participating interns to dabble in partisan politics would be the kiss of death because that's not what the organization was established for in the first place. Hell, I was a Democrat, like I am now (but much more liberal) and they accepted me.

I'm not at all sure that it would not since the NJC is no longer directed by its founder, retired columnist M. Stanton Evans, a man of stellar integrity and fairness. Today the journalism school is directly under the thumb of the Heritage Foundation. Need I say more? After all, which organization has done wonders for supplying Fox a lot of its "talking points" made to look like genuinely constructed news stories.

Sorry righties, you can package a fat round dog turd in a fancy box, but the item in the fancy box is still a piece of dog turd. It makes no different how many times the spin doctors attempt to spin dogshit, it's still dogshit at the end of any day, night or the next morning.

Take this packaged dogshit called "news" supplied to Fox from its regular supply chain of "conservative news reporting organizations," repeat it constantly and in so many differing variations to successfully convince enough people to get pissed off enough to relocate to more conservative friendly states or congressional districts and before you know it, enough dogshit has done its "magic" in helping the Tea Partiers, the GOP and their adjuncts in the "think tank bidnez" not to mention redistricting committees every ten years to sic Gerrymandering on an otherwise very unsuspecting public and before you know it, you'll have a truly PERMANENT GOP House of Representatives no matter how many times the Democrats succeed in winning the presidency. Fox plus C itzens United plus dumbed down civics and Gerrymandering will only contribute to more of the same old crap. The question remains: Just how long in hell do the voters have to put up with it in between these ten year "census-driven" redistricting.

Legend 4 years 15 weeks ago

The Republican-Fascist Party.

Steven.PBarrett 3 years 40 weeks ago

The GOP has taken a pass from exercising politics in a reasonable and sensible manner. The Kochs have taken notice and the GOP has been the lesser for it because Charles Koch speaking for both of them and [family as a whole] decided not to endorse anybody at this time. Individually, I would suppose nothing's stopping any individual from backing somebody or a particular sub-branch cause, (i.e. American Legislative Exchange Council, or another conservative organization.) The wackier Trump behaves and the more popular he becomes with the great unwashed rightist so-called "silent Majority" of permanently embittered/"Archie Bunkerite," Spiro Agnew or even further far out fringe elements . . . there's even a less likelihood the brothers will invest a lot of their money in a losing cause, especially if they see Trump not only crashing upon the weight of his own egotism and bombastic nonsense, or even a Cruz with all his swarmy piety, etc. ... and maybe take their chances on investing in more statewide races but only in hopes of staving off what they will rightly surmise to be a Democratic tsunami in the making. If they see another Goldwater scenario, I can't imagine them tossing their money higher than the statewide races; and even that's a gamble. Why would they because if the Democrats with Bernie or Hillary at the top have at least regained working majorities in both national chambers and swept many state legislatures back in the blue column, they're just going to pump their money back into the Republican think tanks and pray for the Democrats to flop in the midterms like they did beginning in '10. I doubt that door will be open to them like it was in '10. Let's face it, Barack Obama, despite his legislative experience and his successes in getting key laws and programs passed ... when it came to midterm campaigning for fellow comrades in his old field of political battle ... he didn't lead like a general his troops expected him to be and the Republicans gave him and his party a horrible (but for him mostly) "shellacking" for which is is the most deserving of. If Romney emerges as the establishment's "rescuer candidate on the white horse," watch for tons of Koch dollars to make their way back. In that instance, be scared, very scared. And don't trust any polls putting the Democrats on top. Work as if they were waaaay behind.

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