The concept that a single event in the history of our nation can change everything in nonesense. Pearl Harbor did not change everything. The Civil War did not change everything. Vietnam did not change everything. Those events were far greater in loss of life and property than the attacks on 9/11. Durning those events many things changed, some of which were wrong like the disposession of Japaneese Americans, the burning of southern cities and the prison conditions at Andersonville. Need I mention Mi Lai or the execution of the Viet Cong prisoner with the CIA 38 Hammerless pistol on the six oclock news. These events took place and were seen for their wicked nature. Our nation denounced them and resolved to not let them happen again. We then moved on with our Civil Liberties intact. The attacks on the World Trade Center were horrific events. Such events should not be allowed to be used by a tiny minority to deconstruct the very fabric of our nation. When I hear conservative or liberal pundits say 9/11 changed everything, I hear the fear, hate, greed, prejudice and saber rattling of long dead closed minds rising from the grave to start again. We have fought these battles before and won our rights and prosperity. Why do we forget the past struggles so quickly, allow narrow intersets to negate these things, and force us to fight these same battles again?

Tonight I watched as one of Tom's guests spoke about how the war on terrorism must go on to defend America from the terrorist threat. He spoke with great passion about how they want to kill us and destroy our way of life. He said President Obama must do everything he can so they do not win, His manner seemed like he was terrified of that. Terrorism, by its very name, seeks to cause terror in its victims. If we remain perpetually terrified by terrorists they have already won. The Patriot Act has given government vast and sweeping powers to spy on Americans, not terrorists, Americans. This is a destruction of over two hundred years of freedom. If we allow this to stand the terrorists have already destroyed our way of life. So it seems the very things the right fears will happen have already happened. Who prospers from this fear and destruction of Civil Liberties? Corporations sell the our personal information to the government because the law does not allow the government to collect it, but it can buy it. Military contractors sell drones to the military and mini drones to your local police force. Corporations provide the support services, once provided by our own military, at 10 times the former cost and provide substandard conditions as well. Corporations set up think tanks to promote the 9/11 propoganda. Corporations set up 501(c)4's to place their hand picked candidates in office. Corporations control 90% of the information Americans receive in schools universities and the media. Corporations engage in predatory lending then pass their debts on to the government (You and I) only to then buy up forclosed homes at cheap as dirt prices while Americans are left homeless. Corpoarations keep wages stagnant by outsourcing and offer Americans credit at inflated rates of interest insuring the fear of financial ruin through debt. Corporations are set above the very laws that average Americans are held to, dispossed by and jailed for disobeying. Are, in many cases, barely literate muslims 3000 miles way more terrifying than any of that?

Has 9/11 changed everything or have we all become so blind that we cannot see the lies we allow to place us in a never ending prison of propoganda and servitude? Jim Jones held guns on many of his followers to ensure they drank the poison Koolaid. Corporations are buying our freedom and our country and have us happily paying them to do it. If it was not so terrifying it would be the greatrest joke ever played on a people. If you listen closely you can hear them laughing at you America.


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